Welcome to The Emerging Affluent: Fight for the future market

In this volume, we consider The Emerging Affluent – a younger, well-educated, mostly professional Advisable Australian who have tremendous potential as financial advice clients both now and in the future. The Emerging Affluent, as the name suggests, is on the way to becoming affluent – a group of people with more potential to earn. There are 1.5 million of them who control about $2.2 trillion of household wealth.

This report is a playbook for financial advisers on how to attract, manage and retain The Emerging Affluent: Read this report to get an understanding of:

  • A profile of The Emerging Affluent – Get a great appreciation of the Emerging Affluent, by not just understanding their basic demographics like age, occupation and household wealth, but their defining wealth characteristics such as financial capacity, literacy and wellbeing. We also explore their usage of technology and attitudes and influences in selecting a business.
  • Marketing to acquire The Emerging Affluent: Learn the most appropriate tactics to market and enhance your brand proposition to acquire The Emerging Affluent.
  • Evolving your advice proposition to The Emerging Affluent: Learn how to tailor your advice and service proposition to The Emerging Affluent, with a consideration of technology and communication preferences.

The Advisable Australian Survey which is the basis for these reports was conducted by CoreData and in the field from September 28 to October 10, 2020, and received 1,012 valid responses consisting of 618 responses from those ‘currently advised’ by a financial adviser, 235 ‘never advised’ and 159 ‘previously advised.

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