We are changing how we do policy at FinTech Australia

Our Policy Working Groups give fintechs a shared voice and the opportunity to be part of a community which shapes policy and regulation.

We are transitioning to a new, streamlined Policy Working Group structure.

The restructure will consolidate our existing working groups to increase member engagement on policy. With fewer but more active working groups, we can bring together more members for regular meetings and drive a more proactive, forward-looking approach.

The new approach is designed to encourage:

Bigger communities and better engagement
    • The diversity of our membership sets FinTech Australia apart. Broadening the membership of each working group leverages this strength and will promote more interesting conversations.
 Regular meetings and a more proactive approach
    • We will schedule regular meetings with a broader focus to consider upcoming issues and set forward-looking priorities. Formulating clear messages on key issues will give us a better platform to engage with government.

Going beyond technical policy work 
    • While submission drafting will remain an important part of our policy work, we will create more opportunities for broader information sharing and policy discussions between members and partners.

What will this look like?

The new structure will involve seven core Policy Working Groups, three new Thematic Committees, and new Advisory Panels for each working group and committee.


Our new Thematic Committees will be driven by select members and partners, with more of a focus on information sharing, community engagement and events. These are topics where there is less regular policy work but strong interest in an active community of fintechs.

Our Policy Partners provide invaluable support for our policy work:

  1. Cornwalls
  2. DLA Piper
  3. Gadens
  4. Hamilton Locke
  5. K&L Gates
  6. King & Wood Mallesons

How do I get involved?

Our Policy Working Groups and Thematic Committees are only available to FinTech Australia Members.

FinTech Australia advocates on behalf of members and regularly makes submissions to consultations across a wide range of policy and regulatory issues. We work closely with regulators, Ministers and government departments to host policy roundtables, webinars and provide feedback on changes to regulation.

  1. See our Membership Options
  2. See our Policy Agenda and recent submissions
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