Trade Ledger’s Annual Business Finance Predictions 2022 report

What should lenders pay attention to in 2022?

Experts from top banks and fintechs, to tech giants and consultancies, share their thoughts in Trade Ledger’s annual Business Finance Predictions 2022 report.

To find out how the business banking industry will move forward this year, Trade Ledger spoke to 15 business lending experts from Accenture, AWS, RedZen, Aprila Bank, Microsoft and many more.


There are still huge opportunities to take in data, with new sources and insights available, enabling real-time and forward-looking risk analysis. Customers could experience instant gratification. And partnerships between lenders, merchants, fintechs and others will deepen

Read the report to discover what’s in store for 2022.

Five trends emerged from the discussions with the industry experts:

  1. Staying relevant through digital transformation and tech partnerships
  2. Customer-first lending journeys
  3. Better, more cost-effective credit decisions
  4. Forward-looking business models
  5. Building a sustainable future



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