The FinTech Australia Podcast is here!

Our new podcast is here!

We’re excited to launch our new podcast! The FinTech Australia Podcast will be a deep dive focusing on the challenges, opportunities and big stories our community faces across the fintech industry in Australia. This podcast is a joint venture with Startupbootcamp.

We are launching the podcast with two initial episodes which will cover two of our biggest initiatives this month – the Finnie Award winners and the EY FinTech Australia Census.

Future episodes will be a mini series on key industry topics such as debanking, CDR, angel investing and many more…

These podcasts will highlight key industry issues while giving opportunities to members, partners and relevant industry guests such as regulators, ministers, Treasury and other important stakeholders based on the topics we cover.

We hope you enjoy the first two episodes and do share any feedback, suggestions or insights to the team.

Listen to the episodes here

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  1. Intersekt 2022

    September 7 - September 8

Ep 2: Fintechs Acceleration of Growth Since COVID

Ep 1: The Evolution of Payments

Scaling Product Globally


Lee Hatton – Afterpay: FinTech Australia Podcast

Anthony Jones – Visa AUS/NZ

Tim Cameron – TransferWise