Tango Energy partners with HelpPay to offer new payment solution

Friends and families of Tango’s more than 150,000 customers can now help pay their loved ones bills easier than ever with world-first Australian technology.

Tango Energy, one of Australia’s most progressive energy retailers is pleased to announce a pilot partnership with local social fintech HelpPay to offer a unique payment solution for its customers. 

The exclusive partnership will give Tango Energy’s more than 150,000 customers world-first access to technology that enables friends and family to directly pay their bills, meaning it’s now easier and more secure to ask for and receive help. HelpPay also makes payments simpler when splitting bills amongst roommates, friends, and family. 

According to market research conducted on behalf of HelpPay, 90% of Australians either agreed or strongly agreed that asking for financial help is not easy. The most common reason offered was “Having discussions about money is hard,” with respondents reporting feeling stress and shame in overwhelming numbers.

With over 700 million bills sent annually in Australia and research showing that some households earning $100,000 annually are not paying all their bills on time, there is clear demand for technology to target and address consumer’s needs. 

HelpPay turns every bill into a shareable link and payment page and uniquely, guarantees financial help given towards a bill only goes to the provider. The 100% Australian owned company’s world-first technology takes the stigma out of asking for help and may help to avoid the financial and mental health costs associated with debt collection.

Tango Energy, the retail arm of Melbourne-based renewable energy company Pacific Hydro Australia, is focused on delivering great value to homes and small businesses, and is continually looking for new, innovative ways of supporting them at a time when the cost of living is continuing to increase. HelpPay provides a new, additional platform for customers to seek help from others when managing their energy costs. 

Tango Energy has put its support behind this patent pending technology for its more than 150,000 customers ahead of industry rivals, as well as major providers in other industry verticals HelpPay will service, particularly financial services, insurance and telecommunications.

Quick facts

  • According to HelpPay research, 90% of Australians either agreed or strongly agreed that asking for financial help is not easy. The biggest reason was “Having discussions about money is hard”. Two-thirds of Australians that have provided financial help actually helped the same person more than once.
  • Over 700 million bills are sent annually in Australia and research shows that some households earning $100,000 annually are not paying all their bills on time.
  • Family and friends of Tango Energy customers will be able to help their loved ones pay their bills for a fixed price of $1 per transaction.

Pacific Hydro Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Domenic Capomolla says, “Helping our customers through difficult times has always been one of our top priorities, which is why we continue to provide energy at a low-cost, with no late payment fees or penalties. Getting behind HelpPay was really a no-brainer for us, as it provides our customers with a unique payment solution that has never been offered before. To be an industry leader in promoting technology that makes paying for bills easier is something we are very proud of, and we are very much looking forward to launching this with our customers.”

HelpPay Co-Founder and Managing Director Andrew Ellett said, “We’re thrilled to be working with Tango Energy as our exclusive launch partner. Tango is going over and above to put the experience of its customers and Australians experiencing financial hardship first. We’re excited to play our part and take some of the stigma out of asking for help. Our values at HelpPay are further aligned with Tango’s renewable energy, green initiatives and company mission, ensuring a tremendous foundation for working together.”

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About Tango Energy

As the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Australia (PHA), Tango Energy launched in 2012 to meet Aussies’ demands for low-cost, simple energy plans with a clean conscience. With over 130,000 customers and growing, Tango’s customer numbers create demand that enables Pacific Hydro Australia to invest in new renewable energy projects throughout Australia. 

All Tango plans are simple, confusion-free, and offer low prices backed by award-winning service from its Victorian-based customer service team. With headquarters in Melbourne and a customer service team in Geelong, Tango’s growth has created hundreds of new jobs for Victorians. 

One of the pioneers of renewable energy development in Australia, PHA was founded in 1992. With an installed capacity of over 660MW, PHA operates a high quality, diversified portfolio of wind, solar and hydro renewable assets across Australia, and has a significant pipeline of firm capacity and renewable projects, with more than 1.2GW under development. Collectively, PHA’s portfolio of operating assets currently abate over 1.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution every year.

About HelpPay

HelpPay, a 100% Australian owned company, is a new social fintech and business platform with patent pending technology in the payments industry that takes the stigma out of asking for help and the effort of providing help. HelpPay turns every bill into a shareable link and payment page, and, uniquely, guarantees financial help given towards a bill only goes to the provider. HelpPay has undertaken market research to address the pain points for customers and providers when handling debt. HelpPay takes all the pain points and customers’ experience in the cycle of asking, giving and getting financial help today. HelpPay is also significantly cheaper for providers when managing their accounts receivable and less stressful for customers than traditional methods such as phone calls, sending letters and using debt collection agencies.


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