AssuranceLab is the leading provider of SOC 2 reports in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Our well-established US CPA partnerships provide end-to-end services locally to issue the official AICPA SOC 2 reports (AT-C 105 & 205).
  • Our software automation, expert consultants, and agile and collaborative services, gives you the highest quality of support and cost savings.
  • SOC 2 reporting improves and demonstrates your information security practices. Solve due diligence requirements and win new enterprise customers.

We provide trusted assurance reports to satisfy global enterprise. We innovate and explore new ideas to fit ‘compliance’ with your culture and objectives.
AssuranceLab is your modern cybersecurity audit partner. Unlock new opportunities and power your international growth with assurance solutions.

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About SigniFlow

Across the world, digital signatures are fast becoming the only legally accepted replacement for handwritten signatures, because they offer inherent security – something that cannot be found in either handwritten or ordinary electronic signatures.

SigniFlow is a core workflow and cryptographic digital signature engine that works either on its own, or fully integrated with existing business systems. Using the most advanced and trusted digital signature technologies known to man, SigniFlow software enables powerful workflow functionality and ease of document distribution to automate any business process.

SigniFlow’s digital signatures use a technology known as public-key cryptography, which addresses non-repudiation in a court of law, and fully protects the integrity of documents, making them tamper-evident.

With SigniFlow signatures, the integrity of documents – including every individual’s digital signature – can be verified anywhere in the world using Adobe Acrobat® trust indicators for digital signatures.

Having already assisted scores of businesses across the globe in their digitalisation journey, SigniFlow has a team of cryptographic experts, experienced engineers, and business process automation architects, who are passionate about increasing business efficiency through the power of digital.


Sign electronically, safely and securely with SigniFlow


Advanced eSignatures
The compliant eSign solution that is loved by all departments, including Procurement, Sales, Human Resources and Legal.


Document Automation
An integrated, no-code platform to automate document routing and retention using meta-data.


Document Generation
An integrated template-driven document generation and automation engine.


Digital Onboarding
Digital online solutions for onboarding customers, suppliers and employees.


3D Facial Authentication
Perform 3D Liveness & Photo ID OCR (optical character recognition) in more than 130 countries. Link 3D facial biometric to eKYC or eSign.


Certificate Authority
Integrated, international high-trust Advanced and Qualified (eIDAS) eSignatures.


Digital Identity
Integrated international and eGov Digital Identity providers for enhanced authentication and compliance with in-country eSign legislation.


Know Your Customer
Digital, online eKYC and anti-fraud solutions for advanced regulatory compliance.

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David Saunders
Sales Director

Tel: +61-3-8538-1077

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