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EY is a leading supporter of FinTech across the globe, focused on working with incumbents, regulators and start-ups to help grow the FinTech ecosystem. Through this experience, we understand the opportunities and challenges that FinTechs face across their lifecycle. A globally connected team of 26,000 professionals are aligned by both sector and technology, providing holistic services across the value chain. Below is our list of local EY FinTech contacts who can help you with your opportunities and challenges.

EY Census

In line with EYs deep experience in fintech, coupled with the knowledge/experience of EY Sweeney, EY was commissioned to conduct a census of fintechs in Australia. A broad research program was set in place in collaboration with a FinTech Australia steering committee. The research was conducted in August and September, 2018.

The purpose of the census is to:

Understand the size, composition, and maturity of the Australian fintech landscape

Discover the key challenges and blockers that fintech companies based in Australia are facing; and

Identify areas where further policy development or investment might be needed

This report presents the key findings and it will act as a powerful platform for FinTech Australia when engaging with members, stakeholders, commercial partners, regulators and government departments.

Case Studies

EY has engaged with fintechs to provide some unique solutions. Below are some case studies that are most relevant to this industry

Key Contacts

EY Oceania FinTech Leader

Meredith Angwin

Phone: +61 3 8650 7506
Mobile: +61 419 311 344
Email: [email protected]

Meredith Angwin is a fintech advisor for EY Oceania. As a senior executive leader with over 25 years experience in business change consulting and business technology implementation, Meredith has worked across a range of sectors within Australia and Asia-Pacific. She is passionate about working with fintechs, industry bodies, government and regulators to help develop a collaborative financial services environment where the emerging fintech sector can continue to grow and thrive. Meredith is also a member of the Fintech Victoria steering group for the development of Victoria’s Fintech eco-system.

FinTech Services Leads

Growth Strategy

Scott Glover
Phone: +61 3 9288 8576
Mobile: +61 411 244 107
Email: [email protected]


Colin McNeil
Phone: +61 2 8295 6906
Mobile: +61 421 054 485
Email: [email protected]

Debt Raising

Sebastian Paphitis
Phone: +61 2 9248 4773
Mobile: +61 402 274 804
Email: [email protected]

IPO / Due Diligence

Tim Coyne
Phone: +61 3 9288 8056
Mobile: +61 416 103 025
Email: [email protected]

Valuations & Business Modelling

Robert Buemmer
Phone: +61 2 9694 5197
Mobile: +61 417 095 155
Email: [email protected]

Government Incentives

Laurence Osen
Phone: +61 2 9248 4390
Mobile: +61 403 322 753
Email: [email protected]


Rohit Khanna
Phone: +61 2 9248 5560
Mobile: +61 403 341 812
Email: [email protected]


Anthony Robinson
Phone: +61 2 9248 5975
Mobile: +61 428 720 310
Email: [email protected]


Simon Jenner
Phone: +61 2 8295 6367
Mobile: +61 438 225 337
Email: [email protected]

Open Banking / Data Analytics

Mike Booth
Phone: +61 2 9248 5154
Mobile: +61 499 001 695
Email: [email protected]


Kimberley Whale
Senior Manager
Phone: +61 2 8295 6130
Mobile: +61 402 127 586
Email: [email protected]


Gary McInnes
Phone: +61 2 9248 4485
Mobile: +61 408 233 307
Email: [email protected]

IT Advisory

Mike Orman
Phone: +61 2 9276 9389
Mobile: +61 408 704 010
Email: [email protected]


Glenn Rogers
Phone: +85 2 2849 9518
Mobile: +61 457 719 147
Email: [email protected]

FinTech Sector Leads


Rowan Macdonald
Phone: +61 2 9248 4019
Mobile: +61 402 827 103
Email: [email protected]


Andrew Parton
Phone: +61 2 9248 4428
Mobile: +61 404 810 676
Email: [email protected]

Wealth and Asset Management

Antoinette Elias
Phone: +61 2 8295 6251
Mobile: +61 403 342 699
Email: [email protected]


Maree Pallisco
Phone: +61 3 9655 2508
Mobile: +61 419 311 093
Email: [email protected]


While many fintechs describe themselves as technology companys first and financial service companys second, theres no doubt that the backdrop of financial services is one that comes with heavy regulation. To remain competitive, fintechs must develop innovative financial products and services, harness new technology and navigate the changing regulatory landscape.

This requires advice that helps them meet the challenges of leveraging technology and innovation of financial products. At BDO, we are motivated to support and play a part in the future of financial services.

We are a cohesive team covering audit and assurance, tax, cyber-security, governance, risk management, internal audit, compliance, regulatory advice, corporate finance and people advisory. We will guide you through the demanding regulatory environment that typifies the market as well as helping you with any other business challenges you face.

We are experienced and passionate about working with entrepreneurially-spirited and growing businesses that are disrupting their markets. This experience gives us an understanding of the issues that are common for Fintech businesses such as managing rapid growth and developing an international approach from the start.

Our team can help you with:

  • Audit and tax support
  • End to end business services to drive your back office
  • Legal compliance advice
  • Preparation with listing and capital raising
  • People and technology advisory

Main points of contact

Tim Aman Partner; BDO National Financial Services Lead and BDO Global Fintech Leader

Tim is a Partner at BDO Australia, providing audit and assurance services to the financial services industry, including wealth and funds management, superannuation, retail and investment banking, leasing and insurance.

With a career spanning over 27 years, Tim is a recognised expert with deep understanding of the financial sectors emerging challenges and technological influences. He advises on numerous organisational approaches in an increasingly complex regulatory environment and is dedicated to helping the startup community and established providers navigate the growing global fintech market.

He harnesses his knowledge to provide strategic direction for BDO – appointed prominently as leader to BDOs National Financial Services and Global Fintech groups.

Sebastian Stevens Partner-in-charge of BDO Sydneys Advisory Group and Lead Partner of the corporate finance team; BDO National technology, Media and Telecommunications Group Lead.

Sebastian is a Partner at BDO Australia, providing corporate finance advice for both publicly listed and private companies, with a significant global aspect. Sebastian works across a range of industries; notably in real estate and construction, telecommunications, media and technology, finance and investment, private equity and recruitment.

With over 25 years experience, Sebastian assists clients in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, Independent limited assurance reports for IPOs, valuations, Independent experts reports and financial modelling.

Sebastian regularly contributes to the growth of fintechs at each stage of their lifecycle – both locally and internationally – presenting at conferences, running seminars and as committee member to a number of global and national groups. He is also an author of BDOs Technology M&A highlights publication for the APAC region.

For more information on how BDO Australia can assist the Financial Services Sector, visit our website