Regional Australia Bank

We recognise the role a responsible financial institution can play in achieving and maintaining our regional way of life. So, our banking comes packaged with a conscience. We reinvest our profits for the benefit of our customers and to deliver social and environmental returns to our regional communities at every opportunity.

We are a prime example of the ‘we’, not the ‘me’. Where sharing and shared ownership is at our core, meaning our customers and owners are one and the same. It’s within this structure that we aim to provide greater value – a concept of recognising shared value, not shareholder value (as promoted by the larger investor based banks). We recognise that there is great power in Regional Australia standing together, helping each other and creating value for ourselves and our communities.

Our vision is to become a regionally owned and operated community chest that will be driven by the people who own it – its customers. It will be a model for connecting people and helping to create better places to live. Because, helping Regional Australians achieve their lifestyle goals and contributing to the well being of their communities is without doubt the most compelling, and often inspiring, part of our brand.