Probe CX

As a market-leading CX and digital transformation organisation, we have a wealth of experience in the FinTech industry providing services including outsourced call centres, customer care, collections, chat and email support.

At Probe CX we have long-standing client relationships with leading FinTech brands servicing Australia, the UK and the US. With over four decades of experience, we have evolved into a leading customer experience management organisation with services that cover every aspect of the customer journey in your organisation.

Our solutions are about integrating our capabilities into deliverable and replicable actions to ensure every customer encounter is exceptional. Our solutions include:

  • Outsourced Call Center: Providing a combination of tech-enabled, empowered and engaged people to deliver industry-leading contact center environments.
  • Customer Management and CX: Delivering best-in-class customer experiences through exceptional people and cutting-edge technology. 
  • Intelligent Automation: Pioneering innovative technology through human-led intelligent solutions focusing on real customer problems. 
  • Shared Services: Delivering solutions for accounting and finance, human resources, technology and service desks.
  • IVR and NLP Technology: Delivering the next generation in contact center call routing solutions, utilising artificial intelligent technology.
  • Consulting: Bringing together award-winning customer management experience, intelligent technology and industry experience. 
  • Credit and Collections: Providing credit management solutions that deliver success through human connection and conversation.


Probe CX’s solutions are about integrating our capabilities into deliverable and replicable actions to ensure every customer encounter is exceptional.

Resources and whitepapers for FinTech

We’re on a mission to change the way our clients do business through human-led technology. We’ve included a selection of resources and whitepapers to showcase our capacity in delivering exceptional customer experience. 

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Critical Success Factors to Fast Track Growth

Our tip sheet introduces omnichannel solutions that will increase customer loyalty and streamline your customer journey.

The Growing Need for Content Moderation

Download this whitepaper and learn about the growing need for content moderation by understanding the different aspects and how they can work for your organisation.

Transforming the Traditional Model: IT Help Desks & Service Desks for Increased Efficiency

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