OneSpan, the digital agreements security company, helps organizations accelerate digital transformations by enabling secure, compliant, and refreshingly easy customer agreements and transaction experiences. Organizations requiring high assurance security, including the integrity of end-users and the fidelity of transaction records behind every agreement, choose OneSpan to simplify and secure business processes with their partners and customers. Trusted by global blue-chip enterprises, including more than 60% of the world’s largest 100 banks, OneSpan processes millions of digital agreements and billions of transactions in 100+ countries annually.

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Digital Agreements for Financial Institutions and Banks

Accelerating trends toward digitization are forcing banks and financial institutions to embrace remote processes and digital agreements. The need for technology that enables banking continuity and secure agreements has never been higher. Financial institutions are transforming customer-facing interactions and the customer experience as a whole by shifting away from paper and towards the adoption of electronic signatures and more broadly, digital agreements, across the enterprise. 

OneSpan can help digitize agreements and consumer-facing agreement processes with electronic signatures along with new technologies like digital identity verification, smart digital forms to fill gaps in digital product origination and customer servicing processes, and videoconferencing with co-browsing to add the human touch to mediated digital experiences. OneSpan has a proven track record of helping banks and financial institutions across the globe increase adoption and accelerate time-to-revenue across a number of use cases and channels.


Superior Experience

Fully brand the signing experience for signed documents, including web pages and emails that signers see, to deliver a trusted customer experience with high completion rates


Strong Electronic Evidence

Vendor-independent audit trails that help you deliver legally binding, admissible, and enforceable digital agreements


Secure Digital Agreements

Bank-grade cloud security, digital signature encryption that guarantees the integrity of your agreements, and offers the most comprehensive audit trails in the market to demonstrate compliance


ID Verification & Authentication

Protect your high-value agreements with a wide range of signer identification options like ID Verification, Q&A, SMS, and certificate-based IDs, to get documents e-signed with confidence

Live Signature

Live E-Signature

Get digital documents signed in a live virtual room with built-in videoconferencing and co-browsing to drive up customer engagement for paperless processes that require human assistance


Easy to Integrate

Quickly integrate e-signing and workflow capabilities into your app or website. Embed e-signing functionality using OneSpan Sign open REST API and SDKs


Pre-built connectors

We offer pre-built e-signature connectors for popular business apps that your teams use every day like Salesforce, Smart Communications, SharePoint, and more


Global Solution

An enterprise-grade solution that scales across geographies with support for Simple, Advanced, and Qualified E-Signatures, multiple languages, and data centers around the world


As retail banks and financial institutions strive to improve customer experience, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance, e-signaturesmart digital forms, and other digital agreement technologies will be key components of current and future initiatives. Implementing these technologies allow providers to boost automation, reduce costs and inefficiencies incurred by paper documents, and enable business growth – across the enterprise, geographies, and all channels.

As wealth management firms devote greater resources toward enhancing advisor efficiency and the client journey, e-signaturesmart digital forms, and other digital agreement technologies will continue to be required components of the sales and advisory process. These technologies boost automation for firms and eliminate time consuming inefficiencies created by using wet signatures in your signing process. Wealth advisors can also nurture their client relationships by injecting human help into paperless, digital processes when real-time assistance is required with video-based e-signature solutions.