In a world directly impacted by the exponential growth of connected objects, the increasing globalisation of exchanges, the digitalisation of the economy and the consumerisation of technology, IDEMIA stands as the leader in trusted identities placing “Augmented Identity” at the heart of its actions.  Today a leading player in the identification and authentication sector, the group serves clients in 180 countries and provides services to four main customer segments: Financial Institutions, Mobile Operators, Connected Objects, Biometric Devices & Automotive, and Public Security & Identity.

Servicing the ANZ region wide from offices in Sydney, IDEMIA offers a comprehensive range of physical payment solutions alongside complimentary digital services in identity and authentication.  With a wealth of experience in working with financial services partners across established companies and start-ups, we are highly regarded for our industry knowledge that addresses our partner’s needs.

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An accelerated card issuance program

At a time when getting products to market is a key driver for success, IDEMIA has put together the Fintech Accelerator Card Program to provide partners with a seamless process for successful card launches, alongside a worldwide platform for rapid global expansion.

Payment solutions for an evolving world

At the crossroads of traditional payment methods and new digital alternatives, we invest in the payment future whilst continuing to promote and lead innovation in the physical payment card business with a large portfolio of different card features (recycled plastics, metal cards and
biometric functions). As users adopt new digital payment methods, we continue to enhance security measures of their traditional card and offer various customizable options to give them a sense of uniqueness; this way, we enable a convenient, flexible and secure payment journey.

Digital ID & authentication

Integrated with the Australian Government’s Document Verification Service (DVS) as a gateway service provider, IDEMIA can support partners to validate the identity of individuals that they are looking to onboard to via a digital channel. The ID.X platform is a modular solution that allows partners to Proof, Manage and Authenticate their customer identities for immediate and future needs.

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VP of Financial Institutions, ANZ
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