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At dot, we’re a passionate team of business advisors who happen to be chartered accountants. We offer guidance and solutions across your whole business, not just the financial side. We’re the number-crunchers, problem-solvers, heavy-lifters, and strategic thinkers on your side who love helping you overcome challenges and build a truly remarkable business.

You don’t stay still — we don’t either. Focused on helping entrepreneurs build the businesses of their dreams, we stay relentlessly driven to maximise your potential.

How can we help?

Some accountants will help you put out fires. We’d rather make your business fireproof. Through a combination of strategic advice and effective action, we’ll keep you in the black and out of trouble. 

We’ve learnt through experience that the most effective way to really add value to your business is by partnering with you for the long haul. Regular reviews of performance, goal accountability, and strategic planning makes it easy to be proactive in what we do. And make it easier for you to build a stronger business.

We’re part of your team, ready to help you take the key steps needed to evolve and strengthen your business. Our initial discovery sessions offer a foundation of insight into your business and future goals, which we build on with regular advisory catch-upscatch-ups as you take action. Every catch-up is a focused platform that helps us support you through your business targets, pain points, and critical organisational growth.

Business Advisory
Entrepreneurship can be a long and lonely road. But we’re here to walk it with you. We’ll help you find answers to the most important questions.

Tax + Compliance
No-one enjoys dealing with the ATO. But we can take the pain out of the process and make sure you don’t get any nasty surprises.

Payroll + Bookkeeping
Business admin can feel like a black hole that consumes huge amounts of your time. But it doesn’t have to be. We can help you automate the tedious stuff and keep the machine running smoothly.


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Your Team

Warrick Maddocks
Managing Director
Chartered Accountant + Business Advisor

Warrick is a Chartered Accountant, Business and Tax Advisor specialising in helping business owners and managers to grow their business operations, build and protect their family’s wealth. Since starting his career with the Australian Taxation Office, he has worked within the private sector as a Paraplanner and Chartered Accountant.

Warrick is passionate about helping business owners better understand the financial performance of their business and develop strategies for their growth. Outside of work, Warrick enjoys keeping fit and spending time outdoors with his wife and young kids. On the weekends, he is often sighted supporting his Essendon Bombers football team at Marvel Stadium.

Ross Corcoran
Founding Director
Chartered Accountant + Business Advisor

Ross’ focus is to use his level of expertise to provide clients with high quality service and deliverables designed to meet their objectives, both business and personal, enabling them to focus on what they are passionate about. Outside of work he loves tennis—having been a champion tennis player in his youth. He has been a tennis coach at Rising Star Tennis Academy teaching kids and adults tennis.

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