Dialpad offered by Selfmade

We have seen some businesses shut down central business phone numbers like customer support or other central landline business numbers because they aren’t able to manage calls with their team working remotely from home.

For any Fintech Australia members who have office phones, 1300, 1800 or other business phonelines that need to be accessed remotely during this time they can access Dialpad Talk for free for 3 months. This should allow business to quickly switch to operating remotely on central phone lines during the virus outbreak without any disruption to normal business communications.

[If your business needs help managing existing business phonelines remotely during this outbreak, you can access Dialpad Talk for the next 3 months without charge. All you need to do is contact Untangled ICT on (03) 9068 0939 or email – sales@untangledict.com.au and remember to let us know you are from Fintech Australia.

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