EY FinTech Australia 2017 Fintech Census

The 2017 EY FinTech Australia Census has been released.

Based on survey results from 166 fintech companies, the Census is the only comprehensive industry-backed analysis of the Australian fintech industry. It was the first fintech industry census in the world, and remains the only report of its type in Asia.

The purpose of the census is to:

  • Understand the size, composition, and maturity of the Australian fintech landscape
  • Discover the key challenges and blockers that fintech companies based in Australia are facing; and
  • Identify areas where further policy development or investment might be needed

The Census is a critical tool to help FinTech Australia and all fintech stakeholders to better understand our industry and to advocate for change.

Find out more

  • Go to the EY website to download and learn more about Census
  • Read our media release on the 2017 Census results
  • Learn about the 2016 Census results here.