Outstanding FinTech Leader of the Year


This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in the transformation and growth of the Australian fintech sector, either through defining new standards, launching a key technology initiative, or driving a regulatory-related change that benefits the industry and delivers benefits to investors, businesses and/or consumers.


This is open to all leaders in the role of Founder, CEO or senior management across any function e.g. MD/GM/COO, CMO, CFO, CTO etc in the Australian Fintech ecosystem i.e. they are currently working for a Fintech Startup, Hub, Accelerator/Incubator or Venture Capital Firm in Australia.





Please answer the following questions (500 words max per entry):

1. Detail your approach to leadership, and how it influences your actions and activities in your business.

Nominees must demonstrate:

Strong leadership and management potential

Exceptional skills in dealing with internal and external stakeholders

A significant impact on their company or business

Recognition of their personal brand and network and impact of this on their career

A commitment to personal development and a clear vision of the goals they have for themselves


  1. Provide up to 3 examples of initiatives you have developed as a leader in your business, detailing the success of the initiative. Include data which demonstrates how this translated into revenue growth, cost reduction or capital raised.

Examples of initiatives include:

Tactics and strategies used to generate new, repeat or referred business here or abroad, plus any marketing campaigns to support them;

Innovations delivered for your business and that have delivered efficiencies, new customers, and/or revenue growth.

Staff management/development strategies you have implemented in your business to ensure you attract/retain the best talent.


  1. What is a major obstacle you or your business has overcome, and how did your leadership ensure a favourable outcome?


  1. Please provide one to three references, testimonials or other sources of information (such as any audited financial or business metrics and/or statements, or third-party independent data reports) as evidence to support your answers.



2017 Winner

Greg Moshal & Beau Bertoli, Founders and Joint CEOs,  Prospa


2017 Finalists

       Cameron Poolman, OnDeck Capital Inc.

       Daniel Foggo, Ratesetter Australia

       Greg Moshal & Beau Bertoli, Prospa