MYOB Pre-Budget Submission2022-23: Driving productivity through digital fluency

MYOB has been a trusted Australian business management platform for over 30 years, providing local solutions  to 1.3 million Australian and New Zealand small and medium-sized businesses. With a core purpose of helping  more businesses in Australia and New Zealand start, survive and succeed, MYOB provides richly connected and  adaptable cloud-based business management solutions which fit the ambitions of businesses with 0-1000 FTEs. 

With deep understanding and recognition of the unique needs of SMEs, we are seeking to deliver a single Software as a  Service (SaaS) platform to help them make confident business decisions underpinned by data-driven and digital  operations. Our integrated solutions allow business to spend less time manually taking care of their finances and  business processes, and more time operating and innovating. 

MYOB welcomes the Government’s work to progress the skills agenda and seek quick returns to the Australian  economy by utilising industry experience. With the understanding that Government is undertaking significant,  necessary work to address the skills needed across Australia, this submission outlines MYOB’s data-based  recommendations to incorporate digital fluency in the skills agenda to take advantage of the moment for  productive reform. To do this, we outline the current issues facing Australia’s digital business landscape, some  pathways forward, and both the costs and returns to the economy of our Budget proposals.  

As this submission demonstrates, boosting digitisation levels amongst Australian SMEs and incorporating digital  fluency in targeted, sectoral-based skills programs will generate notable economic return. 


Click here to download the MYOB Pre-Budget Submission 2022-23

About MYOB

We are a tech company that exists to help businesses start, survive and succeed. Our team is continually growing, inventing and disrupting conventions. To make all this happen, we are dedicated to creating an exceptional flexible employee experience for all team members and offer a culture that encourages your authenticity. We don’t want you to simply ‘fit’ into our already established culture, we want you to come and add to it, and make it even better.

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