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mSmart announces upgrade of its first product – incorporating reverse mortgage ‘income’ in its retirement projections.

mSmart is “a start-up digital advice – investments – market-place that helps direct investors [Do-It-Yourself], their Advisors and other Advisors to plan for the kind of life they or their clients want. mSmart uniquely:

  • “provides guidance for choosing and managing investments to meet life-style plans while only taking as much risk as is needed to secure a proposed stream of income”.

mProjections is our first operating product, and

  • “provides reports on projections of outcomes of investments eg for education funding, savings or retirement”.
Reverse Mortgages as a Component of Retirement Income

mProjections has made its Retirement Income Report much more powerful, yet still maintaining its ease of use.

This Report presents, amongst other real-life issues, an income projection for retirement that shows:

  1. Impact of the ‘income’ from a Reverse Mortgage
  2. ‘downsizing’ of a family home
  3. Part-time work after retirement
  4. breaks in employment
  5. Non-superannuation investments, and
  6. many more options.
    All projections are probability-based.

In this diagram, 'Other' is the Income from a REverse Mortgage

This chart above is an example from the Report, showing the sources of steady income under typical (non-extreme) conditions.  A steady income of $130,000 is maintained from retirement till age 90; the ‘Other’ blue coloured ‘income’ from age 82 to 96 is from a Reverse Mortgage; the purple from age 67 to 71 is post-retirement part-time income, the blue bars from 75 to 79 show the benefit of an inheritance, and the dark blue bars show the pension as it commences from age 83.

The Report can be used by accountants, financial planners, SMSFs and individual fund members. No AFSL is required.

The Report is available at

mSmart is committed to high standards of ethics, and in keeping with this, is offering a 2-week free trial that anyone can use and without any credit card details being needed. Use this link .

About mSmart

Tomorrow’s Investments Experiences Today.

mSmart is a digital advice / investments market-place that helps direct investors [Do-It-Yourself], their Advisors and other Advisors to plan for the kind of life they or their clients want.

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