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While many fintechs describe themselves as technology companys first and financial service companys second, theres no doubt that the backdrop of financial services is one that comes with heavy regulation. To remain competitive, fintechs must develop innovative financial products and services, harness new technology and navigate the changing regulatory landscape. This requires advice that helps them meet the challenges of leveraging technology and innovation of financial products. At BDO, we are motivated to support and play a part in the [...]

EY Oceania

EY is a leading supporter of FinTech across the globe, focused on working with incumbents, regulators and start-ups to help grow the FinTech ecosystem. Through this experience, we understand the opportunities and challenges that FinTechs face across their lifecycle. A globally connected team of 26,000 professionals are aligned by both sector and technology, providing holistic services across the value chain. Below is our list of local EY FinTech contacts who can help you with your opportunities and challenges.EY CensusIn line [...]