Letter from the CEO, FInTech Australia

Earlier this year, I found myself rethinking a phrase I wrote in an opinion piece for The Australian. I described us as “a fintech ecosystem”, a label that we’ve used for such a long time that it almost feels ingrained. But upon reflection, that title no longer fits. We’ve evolved beyond that phrase. While it is a catch-all term, in the startup world it implies something that is intricate, niche and needs to be nurtured. As a sector, we now operate more like an industry. We contribute to the economy, create jobs and an overall brighter future for Australia.

It’s in this period of monumental change within the fintech industry that I  leave as CEO and start my next challenge. I leave FinTech Australia in a position of strength, with a record membership base and the capabilities to continue to drive the sector’s growth. That is all thanks to our members who have stuck with us and continue to work with us and have driven our growth.

We have achieved so much together. FinTech Australia is in near constant communication with all levels of government, due to our ability to surface member’s concerns and act as a single consolidated voice for the industry. This has allowed us to play a meaningful role in shaping key policy points for all emerging companies, such as influencing the distribution and criteria for R&D tax incentives and Job Keeper.

Thanks to your input, the Consumer Data Right has gone from being a theory to a reality. Even now, we’re on the cusp of seeing new innovative services rolled out to market. We’re currently working with government on championing the next iteration of rules including action initiation.

Intersekt, our flagship event, rivals some of the world’s largest fintech events in terms of attendance. Finally, the Finnies have gone from strength to strength. Not only are we seeing more entries each year, but for the first time four women leaders in the sector won all of the major prizes and we introduced a Hall of Fame. These are incredible milestones for the sector, one that I am personally proud of.

There is so much more to look forward to as well. As COVID-19 eases, we will be ramping up our Roundtable program, to help members discuss key industry issues. Also, our new podcast is up and running, creating yet another platform for members to tell their stories. That builds on our revamped content offering and the launch of a fintech TV segment on AusBiz earlier this year. We will also launch an interactive ecosystem map, to go alongside our VC map and the Regulatory Map that we launched recently.

These are all big ticket items that really define our progress as a peak body. However, some of the more memorable moments of my time as CEO came from meeting members personally, learning about their businesses and finding ways to help. I held an open door policy as CEO, and it greatly broadened my understanding of the sector.

I would not be able to do my job without the support of my team RehanLisaStuArtAkshaya and Harrison. They are the engine behind our success, and will continue to steer the ship in my stead. I also want to thank our Chair Simone Joyce, Deputy Chair Alan Tsen and the FinTech Australia board who have offered me so much guidance and support over the past three and half years.

I wish my successor all the best in running FinTech Australia and taking the organisation to new heights. And while this is farewell, it’s not goodbye. I am sure I will be in touch with many of you in my new role and I will see some of you at our events later in the year. If you would like to stay in touch my personal email is rebeccaschot.guppy@gmail.com.

Your sincerely,
Rebecca Schot-Guppy
CEO, FinTech Australia

Upcoming Events
  1. Finnies 2022

    June 23
  2. Intersekt 2022

    September 7 - September 8

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