Introducing Australian Data Exchange x NUAI

A first of its kind partnership that unites consumer privacy with the innovation of artificial intelligence 

Australian Data Exchange forms NUAI partnership to offer ethical AI services for leading Fintech, Health and Platform companies., a rising star in the global DeepTech space, announced that the Australian Digital Exchange (ADX) had chosen the company as an Artificial Intelligence partner.  

ADX selected NUAI for its unparalleled AI technology that provides customised adaptive AI+ solutions with no downtime and NUAI’s insightful business capability of developing use cases for fast-growing businesses, empowering businesses to scale effortlessly. ADX and NUAI’s partnership delivers robust Data-Centric AI+ solutions that integrate seamlessly with ADX’s clients.  

“ADX is disrupting the first party personal data market and is proving to be one of the most innovative Australian data companies with its focus on consumer-centric and decentralised technologies. We are excited to partner with ADX and promote its global endeavours through NUAI,” said Tick Jiang, CEO and Founder of NUAI. Tick Jiang continued, “The partnership with ADX is an organic fit. ADX is an early adapter of data ownership, data privacy, personal data sharing and data ethics, with the exclusive distributor of’s data utility platform. This partnership enables easy access to high-quality consented personal data, AI-powered Data analytics and decision intelligence, all at the same time. Our clients will then be able to create Industrial 4.0 and Web 3.0 applications that are highly relevant and personal to their users from those deep data in banking, social, health.”

“We’re optimistic NUAI’s partnership would deliver more innovation to businesses. The decentralised merits of is in ADX’s DNA. By providing business-centric ethical AI, it’s clear NUAI shares our vision of leveraging cutting edge technology to bring better, faster and in demand results to businesses. We’re excited to join forces to develop unique solutions that will stand the test of time,” said Joanne Cooper, CEO and Founder of ADX.

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Joyce Zhang

About NUAI

NUAI is an International Artificial Intelligence company that delivers AI+ solutions for real-world business challenges. NUAI designs and crafts business-centric AI+ solutions from AI strategies to state-of-art AI/ML deployment. 

NUAI has a team of world-leading AI scientists, AI business experts and professors, from Facebook (Meta) AI, Apple AI, Sumsang AI and Didi AI. We also actively collaborate with leading Artificial Intelligence professors and scholars from world-leading universities like ASU, UNC in the US.

Core Service 

  1. Customised AI+ Solution: NUAI will create an AI+ strategy for your business to build and customise the most time-to-value AI+ solutions, ready for petabyte-scale. Execute fully scalable AI+ solutions for your business and enterprises.
  2. End-to-end AI+ Solutions: Complete customised AI solutions that fit seamlessly with your business. End-to-end working pipeline with AI Models. NUAI will perform a full business assessment for you and find the most valuable and affordable solution that AI can do for your business. We build and train AI models that not only grow and evolve with your business but also empower your business that you can even register IP and apply to Patent with it.
  3. AI Consulting & Advice: Learn about how AI can accelerate your business growth. Help with your current AI strategies partnerships, or help you set up your AI strength in the marketplace. 

Specialised AI Technology 

  • Fintech & Open-Banking AI
  • Marketing & Platform AI
  • Gaming & Metaverse AI
  • Healthtech & Medical AI
  • Robotic Automation AI

About ADX

Australian Data Exchange ( develops, collaborate and represent world-leading privacy-enhancing or preserving technologies. 

Founded by Joanne Cooper, a leading female tech entrepreneur in Australia, ADX has pioneered the consumer data rights and privacy movement in Australia. App: Consumer-centric data-sharing platform: Join the personal data economy to gain more value, services or rewards by increasing safe and consented multi-sector data exchange directly from a secure data wallet.

Consentry App where business can get staff back to work safely through anonymised employee and visitor intelligence during accurate COVID Rapid Antigen screening. 

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