The Fintech Community of Israel

The main asset that Israel brings to the financial world in an exceptional ecosystem of entrepreneurship, innovation and novelty. This ecosystem has already produced global market leaders in Fintech, as is demonstrated in this chart:

City TLV is building a Fintech community with all stakeholders:  Fintech companies and startups, financial institutions, regulators and official agencies, investors, law and accounting firms, trade associations, local authorities and more.

As of February 15th 2020 there are 508 Fintech companies in Israel. A full list can be found here.

The Global Fintech Belt™

Our vision to take an active role in building a network of international like-minded associations and organizations. We already enjoy partnerships with all major continents and are happy to add Fintech Australia in our network.

The benefits for our members are:

  • International collaboration in R&D of technologies and solutions
  • Recognized sandboxes and beta sites for testing financial innovation
  • Deeper understanding of present and future needs of key players in the global financial industry
  • New markets penetration, alignment of financial regulations and more…

Contact Information for fintechs

Shmuel Ben Tovim
The Fintech Community of Israel