GBST partners with U.S. company to inspire people to tackle debt and conquer financial goals

GBST’s Equate solution is powering five new calculators covering credit cards, savings,  budgets, loans, and repayments. The calculators are on, a domain for the dfree®  Financial Freedom Movement, a trademark of CCCI.  

dfree® is a transformational lifestyle movement that guides people to become free from debt and  deficit, by helping them to establish funds for deposits, dividends, and deeds for a more prosperous and successful future. 

Brianna Dobing, Digital Manager at GBST, said, “We are delighted to partner with dfree and continue  building our presence across North America. Our digital tools are highly flexible, multi-currency, and  can be easily adapted to other markets and jurisdictions. 

“The calculators are designed with the dfree® Movement’s branding and encompass configurable  call to actions, which allow anyone to request to speak with a financial advisor. Working with an  organisation like CCCI has been even more meaningful for the GBST Digital team, knowing we’re contributing to an organisation that places its customers’ financial freedom at the heart of what they  do, by providing the tools that will encourage and teach them to pay off debts, save money, and  make more informed financial decisions.” 

Dr. DeForest B. Soaries, Jr., the CEO of Corporate Community Connections, said, “We chose GBST’s  Equate after conducting extensive market research. We were looking for intuitive, user-friendly calculators that could be incorporated into our marketing strategy to promote financial  sustainability. We’re excited because the digital tools are helping people assess where they are so  they can conquer their financial goals, whether it’s living within their means, setting a budget, paying off debts, investing or building an emergency fund.” 

The GBST Digital team works with financial services clients worldwide to improve brand reputation,  build brand advocacy, and enhance online customer journeys, engagement, and drive acquisition.  GBST’s customer experience experts create bespoke digital solutions for financial institutions from  calculators to portals, apps, content management systems, and more.  

About GBST 

GBST provides financial services technology to the wealth management and capital market sectors  globally. The company creates vital back, middle, and front-office technology solutions for wealth  managers, life and pension companies, global and regional investment banks, stockbrokers, and  fund managers. 

Founded in 1983, GBST works with over 100 organisations across Australia, Asia, the UK, and the US.  Its wealth management technology supports over 5.5 million investor accounts under administration,  its retail broker and clearing clients currently manage over AUD$200 billion in sponsored HIN, cash  holdings, and margin loans, and more than 60% of all ASX trading activity currently travels through  GBST’s systems, which processed more than AUD$2.2 trillion in trade value during FY2021. 

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About Corporate Community Connections 

Since 1997, Corporate Community Connections, Inc. (CCCI) has created connections between  corporations and underserved communities to accomplish the mutual benefits of increased access to  diverse markets and expanded community resources. From large, expanding health care systems  growing into urban areas to large financial services companies desiring to diversify their employees,  Corporate Community Connections, Inc., has been able to connect organizations to solutions and  create sustainable strategies that become embedded into the institutions.  

Additionally, the dfree® Financial Freedom Movement is a trademark of CCCI. It is transformational,  lifestyle movement that promotes financial freedom through values-based principles and practical  approaches to financial management 

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