Five FinTechs on Friday

The fintech industry is continuing to innovate and we’ve had exceptional startups launch in Australia. In this new series, we will be highlighting five fintechs every friday to put a spotlight on the amazing solutions the companies are developing


Nudge Saver is an app that uses behavioural economics principles to help people reach their savings goals sooner. It works in concert with any Australian bank account, using impulse savings prompts, gamified elements, and image-driven goal tracking to nudge people towards better financial outcomes. Nudge Saver is free for download, and is currently available on the iOS App Store (and via Google Play and desktop later this month). Co-Founder Andrew Wilson says “We may not save the world, but we’ll help the world save…” Following that ethos, and given the current economic scenario, Nudge has recently launched the Save Australia initiative.

Six Park

Six Park is an accessible. affordable online investment management service, based on a proven methodology that combines the best of technology with human expertise. We work directly with consumers and also through intermediaries to help provide strong risk adjusted returns for investors. When we set up Six Park, we intended the service to be of most value for our clients during times of extreme stress, when emotions can cause poor investment decisions, and this has proved to be the case recently, as our clients have demonstrated confidence and trust in both our service and our people. Australians want and need trusted investment management help now more than ever, and we are delivering that service.


Fintechs Joust and LoanDolphin were both formed in 2015 by former bank executives.  This month they have announced an exciting merger. The combined strengths, data-sets, technology and teams will see them continue to scale rapidly as a major disrupter in the home loan origination space.  Both businesses are co-tenants at Stone & Chalk in Sydney and merger plans and discussions began in late 2019.  Until now, LoanDolphin has been primarily a Broker platform and Joust primarily a lender platform.  Joust CEO Carl Hammershmidt told Fintech Australia that the combined business provides the scope for Joust to represent a complete home loan market place and help more Australians obtain a better home loan rate and assist the most competitive Banks and Brokers win new customers at a lower cost.


TRAction specialises in regulatory trade and transaction reporting. Our offices in Europe and Sydney service over 70 financial firms (brokers, investment managers and banks) and process over 7 million daily reportable transactions.  We act as an intermediary between regulated financial firms and repositories appointed by the regulators.
Despite Covid-19 we have seen a steady flow of enquiries and client sign-ups from those wanting to streamline and improve their compliance function. Covid-19 has also allowed us to launch our best execution monitoring services to clients in Europe.  We expect new ASIC rules soon which will see a quick take-up from our existing clients.

Sort My Money

David Rankin, Founder of Sort My Money, was a Bank Manager in 2012 when he read an interview with the founder of a large provider of personal budgeting services. Google quickly revealed their high fees and poor customer experiences, after which he knew that his days at Westpac were numbered! Fast forward 8 years and Sort My Money has offices in Melbourne and Brisbane and customers all over Australia. Their unique ‘financial flight simulator’ allows clients to plot the best way through COVID-19 and much more besides. Anyone from Fintech Australia who would like a free ‘test flight’ should please contact David personally at

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