Five FinTechs on Friday – September 11

We’re excited to bring to you this weeks fintechs. Fintechs for consumers that help with accessing better deals from the banks and another that makes online trading simple. Also, fintechs that help businesses digitise their documents, enable payments via bluetooth and provide analytics for better user experience. Read more below.

Stay or Go

Stay or Go enables consumers to access a better deal from their current bank and compare the best personalised offers from across the market. Equally, Stay or Go enables banks to retain existing customer relationships, and acquire new customers in a highly targeted way.

“We’ve just launched which currently focuses on credit cards. We’re in the process of integrating with Open Banking, and we’ll be providing a holistic banking solution in time.”

“Our real-time customer retention technology is a game changer. It enables providers to intercept and retain customers moments before the switch.” Anthony Fitzgerald, CEO.


Founded in 2018 by John Winters and Wayne Baskin, Superhero is a game-changing investment platform that makes online trading simple, fast and affordable at just $5 flat fee per trade. Its mission is to disrupt the online investment experience and make the process more transparent, user-friendly and accessible at just $100 minimum investment. Superhero has been developed by experienced tech and investor co-founders to create a fundamentally better user experience, and a fairer, more transparent investment experience for all.


Bleu Australia enables Bluetooth payment acceptance, powering mobile and POS software to initiate and authenticate card present transactions.  Its vision is for all native payment apps to include the ability to offer secure, touchless Bluetooth payments for card present transactions with payment authentication on the consumer’s mobile device.  In addition to the SDK, Bleu has developed a powerful omni-channel android point of sale solution, which Bleu Australia has brought to market to help small businesses get online easier and with more control than ever.  With pilot programs across Australia and New Zealand in the planning phase with payments and scheme partners, the team is excited for the year ahead!


1WordFlow’s unique technology automatically transforms documents into webpages at scale. The eliminates the need for PDF and makes any page, of any document instantly available from anywhere in the world, on any device and in any language. It’s super-fast – converting 100 pages in minutes. Watch the video here:

While financial firms have adapted to Covid-19 by moving employees to remote working, staff struggle to find up-to-date information in critical documents like policies, procedures etc. With 1WordFlow Documents on Demand, you can transition your content to digital in weeks, not months. And for staff and customers this means key information is securely available online, on mobile and on demand.


inQuba is a world leading Customer Journey SaaS platform using advanced analytics and AI to discover, orchestrate and optimize customer acquisition, conversion and retention journeys across digital and physical channels.

inQuba uses diverse data sets, advanced analytics and AI to provide deep insights into customer journeys, customer behaviour and the customer experience. Using these insights and its proprietary methodology inQuba tests and optimizes the effectiveness of execution, servicing and customer engagement strategies towards ROI goals.

inQuba is highly rated by leading analysts Gartner and Forrester as a high-innovator customer journey platform. The company has clients across APAC, the US, UK and Africa with a focus on financial services, insurance, telco and retail industries.



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