Five Fintechs On Friday October 21, 2022

Five key upcoming events before the five fintechs…

  1. Join our meetup in Sydney on Oct 26 as we cover how we can mitigate risks in this digital era. We will also share more information about our Cybersecurity Sub-committee. Register here.
  2. The EY FinTech Australia Census outcomes will be announced in webcast at 10am AEDT on Nov 2. Register now
  3. Meetup in Brisbane! Where will highlight the findings from the Census as well as share insights about the China fintech landscape on Nov 10. Register now
  4. Join our webinar with Adatree on Action and Initiation and the Future of CDR on Nov 3. Join here
  5. How fintechs can guide consumers to financial wellness. Join Envestnet Yodlee in an upcoming webinar on Nov 9. See here

Below are five fintechs to know about this fortnight!


AssuranceLab is Australia’s modern audit and compliance partner supporting 10+ global standards for cloud software companies. Their new platform – Pillar – powers audits and compliance in a way that fits your business and seamlessly manages multiple standards. Its generous free tier now covers Compliance Fundamentals and CDR Reps onboarding, with power-ups for policy automation, integrations, and multi-standard compliance workflows. AssuranceLab works with 160+ cloud software companies on their compliance for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, GDPR, Consumer Data Right, and more.


BetaCarbon’s Offset to Earn platform helps organisations engage & acquire customers from their sustainability goals.

Customers choose from three Australian climate projects a brand supports in order to offset its emissions footprint. These decarbonisation projects each represent carbon credits. The votes are collated and used to determine which carbon credits to ‘retire’ for the brand.

Increasingly companies are purchasing carbon credits to decarbonise, with each carbon credit representing 1 tonne of CO2 captured or avoided. 54 percent of ASX-100 companies have committed to net zero by 2030.

Click here for a 60 second demonstration or go to


Cogsflow provides online retailers and wholesalers with insights and funding, giving them a more flexible and transparent way of purchasing inventory and variable costs. By solving the working capital gap between supply invoices due and payment receipts from customers, performance-based funding unlocks sales growth by providing fair and affordable purchasing tailored to customers’ cash flow. Matching insights with demand planning optimisation delivers accelerated sustainable growth.


DECTA is a global payment processing company that offers a full range of digital payment solutions. They work with companies across various industries at any stage of their business lifecycle. Their tailored service packages, swift launch, and flexible pricing make them the perfect choice for payment processing needs.


Shift is finance on demand for business. Enabled by streaming data, Shift provides credit and payments platforms that help businesses trade, pay and access funds.

Shift is changing the way businesses access finance with an experience that is simple and seamless. Shift’s streaming technology gives a real time view of any business transaction data and financial position, giving brokers, merchants and their customers a better way to do business.

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