Five Fintechs On Friday March 4, 2022

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Below are five fintechs to know about this fortnight!



Fiskil handles the hard work when it comes to Open Banking and the Consumer Data Right (CDR), so companies can focus on their core business. We’ve built the pipes between financial institutions big and small. As well as all of the compliance technology that’s required to access data under the CDR.



Wych is an AI-based Data Platform, for personal finance management and optimization of a user’s money. Our platform works by managing savings, spending and even investments. Money is stressful, we get that. That’s why we’ve developed an application that actually helps with managing it successfully. What sets Wych apart from other apps that try to organise finances is that it harnesses machine learning and tailors itself to the individual. We are all unique, especially in our financial habits so we tailor to the end user rather than them adapting to meet our requirements.



Earlier this year, it was announced that Spenda’s Parent Company, Cirralto, had been rebranded to become Spenda Limited (ASX: SPX). This was a strategic long-term plan to better align the core product offering and deliver better brand continuity to customers and shareholders. Today, Spenda provides smart B2B payment and lending solutions, software applications and integration services that help improve the way businesses trade and get paid. Visit to learn more.



Superhero is a leading share trading and superannuation platform that aims to make investing accessible, understandable and affordable for all Aussies. Founded by John Winters and Wayne Baskin, Superhero allows customers to trade Aussie and U.S. stocks in real time with no account fees. Customers have access to live AU and U.S. market data, instant PayID transfers and low cost trading across ASX and U.S markets – which has led to more than 170,000 customers signing up since Superhero’s launch in September 2020.

Superhero launched its flagship superannuation product, Superhero Super, in July 2021 – designed to meet the high expectations of a new generation of investors by giving Australians the ability to invest their superannuation in their chosen shares and exchange traded funds.


Civic Ledger

Multi-award-winning technology company Civic Ledger is building trust layer solutions for the markets of tomorrow. Civic Ledger provides blockchain solutions to enable a sustainable revival of growth. With Civic Ledger technology, water, carbon, nutrients, and biodiversity will be able to be securely and transparently accounted for — how much we have, how much we share, and how much we use. We work closely with environmental market operators, regulators, utilities, traditional owners, industry and the agricultural sector to ensure solutions that are comprehensive, responsible, intuitive, and future proof. Our team is distributed across Asia, Europe, and Australasia, and will soon be growing into the US. In 2021, we were the only Australian company accepted into the World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers cohort.

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