Five FinTechs on Friday – July 31

This Friday we cover fintechs that can support your business – streamlining capital raising, lending for SMEs, financing for businesses, executing payments for SMEs and managing account receivables.


Cake streamlines share registries, capital raises, employee share schemes, and valuations. It recently partnered with Wholesale Investor and CRIISP to in streamline the capital raising, secondary sales, and venture investment experience. Cake has a significant network of over 13,000 companies and investor distribution to over 30,000 investors. The partnership deal comes on the back of a successful capital raise for Cake, which raised a $1million Seed Round in early 2020 with Industria Capital. The capital markets now sees increase liquidity in the unlisted space, and companies are staying private longer.

“Implementing employee share schemes is a logical way to engage and retain staff to ensure companies have their team in place for the recovery.” Said Jason Atkins, Cake CEO


Bizcap was founded with the objective to fill a niche in the SME lending space, specifically supporting Australian Small Business Owners that had found accessing critical capital to be difficult especially if they have been capped out by other lenders or experienced hardship.

Bizcap is a B2B non-asset backed lending firm focused on providing fast access to capital for small businesses. Utilising their proprietary risk assessment platform, they provide funding of up to $600k in just 3 hours.

Bizcap looks beyond the ‘perfect credit score’ and seeks to understand the customers business and situation whilst prudently managing risk and efficiency. As Australia’s most open-minded lender, Bizcap is positioned for growth and for the continued support of Australian SMEs.


Octet’s mission is to power a world of simplified global trade and growing business. A highly innovative working capital specialist and supply chain platform, Octet provides both a strong alternative and complimentary funding source to the big banks for the benefit of Australian businesses.
With flexible Trade, Debtor and Supply Chain Finance solutions, bundled with effective foreign exchange and supplier payment technology, Octet centralises all a business’s financing requirements into one seamless and secure trading platform.
Led by a highly experienced and inquisitive senior management team, Octet provides Australian business more power to trade.

Fractal Labs

Fractal is a platform-as-a-service that is reinventing how Small-Medium-Enterprises (SMEs) execute payments and access financial services. Fractal helps financial institutions (FI) and their SME clients save money by providing a smarter payments engine and an insights platform to deliver the right product, to the right SME, at the right time.

It’s a difficult time for SMEs in Australia and the UK. We believe that with the right tools and support, SMEs can overcome many challenges. Our recent partnership with untied aims to save 50,000 businesses a year with SMART (SMEs Manage Accounts Receivables and Tax).


Paycepaid is a quick and easy digital solution to manage your accounts receivables, replacing the traditional collection efforts by automating 80% of the day to day collection. Using an intuitive cloud-based interface which allows businesses to automate their payment reminders for upcoming and overdue invoices, Paycepaid not only saves you time, stress and money, it gets you paid sooner! Track effectiveness of your campaigns by having a complete view of how many times, when your communications have been viewed and forecast better by utilising Paycepaid’s insights and reporting tools available on the dashboard.

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