Five FinTechs on Friday – July 23, 2021

This week’s edition of Five Fintechs on Friday brings to you Parpera, Mambu, Nerve Solutions, 1receipt, Futureproof Financial.

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Parpera is Australia’s first smart account and debit card to help you manage and grow your business in today’s digital economy. Parpera aspires to improve the economic prosperity of people, communities, and societies, globally. We’re building an ecosystem of fair and transparent products and services to help people set up, manage, and grow their business in the new economy. Parpera’s launching soon and will provide people with digital wallet, card, invoicing, payments, cash and tax management capabilities to help improve the way they do business. Join over 2,200 people who’ve joined our waitlist and be one of the first to access Parpera at

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Mambu is te market-leading SaaS cloud banking platform. Mambu fast-tracks the design and build of nearly any type of financial product for banks, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos and more. Mambu’s unique composable approach means that independent components, systems and connectors can be configured in any way required to meet customer needs. Founded in 2011, Mambu has 600+ employees and 200 customers globally. In Australia, Mambu counts Lumi, Hay, Nimble and Tyro among its customers, and has recently welcomed Bluestone to the fold. The Australian team is led by award-winning fintech leader Kristofer Rogers, General Manager Australia and New Zealand.

Nerve Solutions

Nerve Solutions creates products for real time risk management and surveillance in financial markets allowing market participants to identify and quantify risk and anomalies in live markets and take corrective actions at sub-second speeds. Their proprietary risk and surveillance tool – n.Prime, is currently overseeing an average daily asset size of $350 to $400M. Nerve Solutions also specializes in automated trading tools, products and APIs allowing WealthTech companies and trading firms to roll out smarter tech enabled products to their end clients. Founded in 2018, it has quietly turned into a trusted technology partner to some of the largest financial services companies in India and UAE.


1receipt® – A Novel Digital Platform As An Environmentally Friendly Substitute For Paper Receipts

Recently we have started implementing 1receipt across IGA stores in Melbourne and we are working with several other well-known POS providers to integrate 1receipt in their POS package to terminate using toxic paper receipts.

Goodbye, paper receipt®!
Hello, 1receipt®!

Futureproof Financial

Futureproof is a disrupter of banks and life insurers in retirement income and aged care funding focused on product innovation. Our Equity Preservation Mortgage™ is a breakthrough low-risk mortgage supporting nextgen financial and retirement income products with no depletion of existing or future home equity. This is a game-changer for lenders, borrowers, financial planners and government, leaving all home wealth of Retirees intact to fund future needs or leave to the family. In collaboration with the world’s largest innovation, thought-leadership, technology and professional services group, the Equity Preservation Mortgage™ is licensed as a product plug-in, only to regulated financial institutions to better meet the financial needs of their ageing Customers.
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