Five FinTechs on Friday – July 16, 2021

Announcement!: in case you missed, The Finnies Awards Night has been postponed to September 15 due to the recent lockdown restrictions in NSW. Tickets have sold out and we hope to see you there!

This week’s edition of Five Fintechs on Friday brings to you OneTrust, Cake, Monochrome Asset Management, Look Who’s Charging, and Business Fuel.

Check out their offerings below!


OneTrust is the #1 fastest-growing company on Inc. 500 and the category-defining enterprise platform to operationalize trust. More than 10,000 customers, including half of the Fortune Global 500, use OneTrust to make trust a competitive differentiator, implementing central agile workflows across privacy, security, data governance, GRC, third-party risk, ethics and compliance, and ESG programs. The OneTrust platform is backed by 150 patents and powered by the OneTrust Athena™ AI. Our offerings include OneTrust Privacy, OneTrust DataDiscovery™, OneTrust DataGovernance™, OneTrust Vendorpedia™, OneTrust GRC, OneTrust Ethics, OneTrust PreferenceChoice™, OneTrust ESG, and OneTrust DataGuidance™. Learn more: and LinkedIn.


Cake is Australia’s leading software provider to help startups and scaleups with their cap table and ESOPs, with over 25,000 investors and 1,000 startups onboard. Cake saves over 80% of the time to settle a raise, or set up an ESOP, by standardising and documentation, and its unique contract settlement software and workflows, making it a leading technology globally. Cake is launching in Singapore in July and will be scaling globally in 2021/22/. Raising capital, and hiring great teams are two of the biggest challenges of any startups. And getting your cap table and ESOP right can make a big difference. Equity should be a piece of Cake.

Monochrome Asset Management

Monochrome Asset Management is the Investment Manager of the Monochrome Bitcoin Fund. The Monochrome Bitcoin Fund (MBF) offers wholesale investors institutional-grade access to bitcoin via a secure and regulated investment vehicle. Units in MBF can be added to investor directed portfolio services (IDPS), fund of fund mandates, and self-managed super funds (SMSF). Monochrome’s management team has over 100 years of combined experience in traditional financial markets, funds management, and digital asset investments. Monochrome has been featured in media publications including The Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Stockhead, Money Management, and more.

Look Who’s Charging

Look Who’s Charging’s technology enables consumers, banks & Fintechs, for the first time, to truly understand bank statement data. They utilise the latest in AI and Machine Learning to provide a deep, meaningful and accurate view of a consumer’s income, expenses and financial position in real-time. Their technology helps bank customers understand how and where they’ve spent their money, lenders to unlock efficiencies in the credit decisioning process and loyalty providers with the seamless allocation of rewards and loyalty points.

Business Fuel

Business Fuel has been backing SME’s by providing access to quick capital for over 10 years now. With no industry restrictions we lend for any positive business loan purpose. We’ve been busy with the launch of our new mobile app, improved quick quote tool (faster pre-approvals) as well as product enhancements now allowing for larger loan sizes over longer loan terms at cheaper pricing. Our clients and broker partners are supported by a fantastic team of lending managers recognised as some of the industry’s best. We are Business Fuel and we are making money happen for Australian SME’s.
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