Five FinTechs on Friday – July 17

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Three consumer focused fintechs – a consumer driven rewards platform, Australia’s first mobile only digital bank and a home loans provider that helps consumers save on costs. One of the two business focused fintechs uses AI and ML to disrupt bookkeeping and the other automates how businesses receive, manage and pay funds.


Cashrewards is an award-winning Australian consumer-driven rewards platform that puts a percentage of retail spend back into the pockets of everyday Aussies at the same time as supporting kids in need through its partnership with the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Five years on, with a user base of nearly 1 million smart shoppers, Cashrewards has already given back over $90 million to its members and helped over 7,000 sick kids in the process. Partnered with over 1,400 of Australia’s biggest retailers including Amazon, eBay, Woolworths, Apple and, Cashrewards has processed more than $2 billion in sales and 10 million transactions for its merchants, both online and in-store through its ‘card-linked rewards’ technology in partnership with Visa and MasterCard


Up is Australia’s first and largest mobile-only digital bank. Up helps you control your money and simplify your life by giving you a range of financial superpowers you can use to spend wisely and save effortlessly.
The team designs and builds experiences that customers didn’t think were possible in a bank and features they didn’t know they needed! With no monthly fees, competitive interest rates, fast in-app signup and instant access to Apple Pay™ and Google Pay™, Up is easy to try Australia-wide.
Up are gifting newcomers $10 into their account using the code FINTECH when they join Up. Learn more about Up at


Athena launched in 2019 to transform home loans, removing the mortgage handcuffs, and arm home owners with what they need to save themselves. Athena specialises in home loans, and only home loans. Its digital model saves the team a lot of money, and they pass those savings onto their customers. They encourage, rather than penalise, people to pay their home loan off sooner. And they can save them a significant amount of time, money and stress over the life of their loan.

“It’s not about getting a home loan, it’s about getting rid of a £#!*ing home loan!”


XBert uses AI and machine learning to disrupt bookkeeping the smarter way! AI-driven audit, process automation and risk alerts ensure accurate data to enable the best business decisions. Using XBert, business owners, bookkeepers and accountants collaborate, remove time-consuming manual checks and audits, eliminate inefficiencies, improve compliance and prevent money loss from financial risks. XBert analyses cloud accounting data hourly and monitors business information databases to detect errors, potential fraud, patterns and anomalies. Power through your bookkeeping with extensive process management and collaboration tools, save time, save money and make smarter decisions. Trial XBert for FREE now


Monoova automates how businesses receive, manage and pay funds with one simple API integration. With it, businesses can associate a unique account number and PayIDs with every single customer of theirs. Reconciliation made easy. Clients can also automate real-time disbursements, reporting and more.

Introducing another industry first: Benefit Bundles – a pricing model based entirely on its clients’ feature requirements. Businesses are not all the same, so a one-size-fits-all-model won’t work. The Benefit Bundles allow businesses to choose the feature combination that best suits the business. Find out more here:

To celebrate Monoova’s one-year anniversary, sign up before 5 August to receive a customised offer for fintech members. Get in touch here:


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