Five FinTechs on Friday – July 10


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Another cracker week with two fintechs focusing on consumers financial well being with free credit score check and dynamic cash flow modeling. Other fintechs help with monitoring an organisation’s resilience through analytics, retrieving and categorising bank data. And lastly an experienced fintech in subscription and recurring payments that has expanded internationally.


ClearScore make finances simpler and easier for people so they can save money, starting by giving them their credit report for free. ClearScore helps its 10million+ users in the UK, South Africa and Australia find better deals on credit cards and loans.
The Australian business launched in March 2020, just as Covid lockdown was being implemented. It has seen massive demand for its product, quickly racing to 150,000 users. The uncertainty in the economy and concerns about unemployment have made it even more important for its users to understand how to improve their credit score and save money.

Audeamus Risk

Audeamus Risk is an Australian advanced-analytics company and the pioneer of the next generation Resilience Intelligence. Audeamus Risk provides real-time monitoring, profiling, and auditing of the organisational resilience against any type of operational risk. It is one of the first AI platforms that enables next generation reporting in © 4D and measures the impact on balance sheet in real-time. It also provides information about the total economic losses associated with highly liquid situations, which typically carry a long-tail risk. Due to its broad IP, Audeamus Risk is recognised as one of the global leaders in dynamic pricing of operational risk.

Financial Mappers

Financial Mappers integrated dynamic cash flow modelling for personal finances allows consumers, financial advisers, other financial professionals, and financial corporations to quickly understand the implications of any financial or lifestyle decision. Financial Advisers can create and model plans, demonstrate and deliver alternates to clients in a fraction of the traditional time. Client input, multimedia format and educational content, ensures client engagement and understanding of advice. Corporations can assist clients to understand and manage their finances at the same time building long term relationships. Targeted advice, online to large numbers of clients is now easy with Financial Mappers.


illion Open Data Solutions is the largest provider of bank data retrieval and categorisation in ANZ, providing services to thousands of banks, lenders, broker groups and many of the biggest Fintech names in Australia. Their focus is on delivering value through data quality and unique features that enable FinTechs to succeed. They have a range of solutions for Fintech applications, including PFM and hardship, and more recently Categorisation-as-a-Service, MultiBank – an aggregated single customer view across all of a client’s institutions – and Open Data Risk Score (coming soon). In addition, they’re adding machine learning elastic search capability to further improve our industry-leading categorisation algorithm. All of these solutions present FinTechs with more precision and transparency to determine customer serviceability. As a result, they’re uniquely positioned to give FinTechs a competitive edge for Open Banking with our leading bank data and analytics.


Ezypay is Australia’s leading subscription, recurring and instalment payment solution provider. Founded in 1996, it has grown to 9 countries across the region (Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Thailand and Taiwan). Alongside it’s direct business solution, Ezypay has built a modern cloud platform with the broadest suite of APIs for integration partners to leverage. Ezypay successfully supported customers impacted during the COVID shutdowns and has seen an increase in partners and merchants migrating from legacy direct debit providers as a result. Ezypay’s partnership growth continues across industries and geographies, with South Korea soon to go live.



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