Five FinTechs on Friday – August 8, 2021

This week’s edition of Five Fintechs on Friday brings to you Myob, Forum 360, Ownhome, Trade ledger, Slyp

Note: If you’re a fintech, this is just a gentle reminder about our Census 2021. In partnership with EY we are once again gathering the highlights of our industry to better understand the landscape we are navigating post-pandemic and your input is paramount. This is our year to show the Government, policy makers, and the community how much the industry has grown including jobs, revenue, and as an exporter. COMPLETE SURVEY

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MYOB is a leading business platform with a core purpose of helping more businesses in Australia and New Zealand start, survive and succeed. They deliver end-to-end business, financial and accounting solutions direct to businesses employing between 0 and 1000 employees. Whatever success may look like for you, MYOB can help you to achieve it with innovative tools that enable business owners to be more productive and also integrated financial services in their platform that will save businesses time on paperwork. Time saved by business owners from using MYOB can then be better spent on activity that provides greater value to their business.

Forum 360

Among the world’s top 20 most promising digital experience providers (CIO Review, 2021), Forum 360 is an integrated research, sales and distribution platform for products and services distributed wholesale. Companies who use Forum 360 are making a step change for the better in customer experience direct and in collaboration with their distribution partners. Using Forum 360’s research, analytics and sales tools, they are strengthening their relationship with stakeholders. They are showcasing their ESG advocacy backed by Forum 360 research. Companies are moving on from low-fidelity broadcast engagement to a superior method that enables their teams to meet global, transact local using Forum 360. Forum 360 is headquartered in Sydney with operations around the world.


OwnHome’s mission is to turn renters into homeowners. The company believes all Australians deserve the opportunity to build a life and family in the security of their own home, especially the 4.5m young Australians who don’t own the home they live in. With OwnHome, customers choose their dream home, OwnHome purchases it for them and they move in. Customers make simple monthly payments and anytime from 3-7 years they have the option to purchase the home at a pre-agreed price. Aspiring homeowners gain two immense benefits compared to the traditional path of renting and saving: 1) they move into their home immediately (as opposed to many years from now, if at all); and 2) they benefit from capital gains of the property. Get in touch to find out your buying power!

Trade Ledger

Trade Ledger is a leading global technology provider for the financial services industry, supporting banks by enabling lending products to be created and offered at the right time, over the right channel. Its platform has a lending-as-a-service (LaaS) capability, supporting secured and unsecured lending, to unlock all types of working capital and business lending products for businesses that otherwise find access to finance difficult. They recently partnered with Virgin Money to deliver a quicker and more user-friendly experience for business customers applying for lending. By using the Trade Ledger’s platform, Virgin Money will be able to provide a quicker, more efficient service to its customers while reducing risk.


Founded by former PayPal executives in 2017, Slyp is a fintech transforming the world of receipts. Backed by and in partnership with the four major Australian banks, Slyp automatically delivers a revolutionary smart receipt right inside your banking app, eliminating paper receipts and creating a seamless customer experience. With Slyp, customers pay as normal and can immediately view and interact with their smart receipts in their mobile banking app, anytime. Slyp’s innovative technology is ISO certified and built in partnership with the banks, offering bank-grade security and privacy.

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