Five FinTechs on Friday – August 28

It’s that time of the week again, when all eyes are on the five fintechs we highlight. This week we have fintechs to help businesses and individuals with better payment terms, insurance options within credit cards and lending selection. Also a fintech helping government be more digitally efficitent and one helping financial institutes reduce regulatory risk. Read more below.

Moula Pay: A smarter way to pay

Moula Pay empowers businesses to get paid upfront, while offering great payment terms to their B2B customers. Customers benefit from 12 months to pay, with the first 3 months interest and repayment-free.

“As businesses navigate the pandemic, the need for cash flow management has become critical”, commented Moula CEO Aris Allegos. We launched Moula Pay 12 months ago, and we’ve seen a huge spike in uptake of the product, with a 174% increase in Merchants onboarded since March. ”

“We’ve just released our integration with Xero, enabling seamless payment of Xero invoices using Moula Pay. This will enable us to empower thousands more SMEs across Australia with a smarter way to pay.


Virgil is a virtual insurance nerd that will help customers leverage the value from free insurance products available within credit cards – Empowering people to unlock value from the everyday.

Virgil reads the policies because we know customers generally won’t and if they did its hard to get clarity around what is covered and what is not. We help customers make informed decisions and only pay for the insurance cover they need.

“Virgil has spent the past 18 months establishing core distribution linked to Travel Insurance with COVID presenting an opportunity to accelerate the development of our service offering to support warranty and price related covers.”


Valiant is Australia’s only end-to-end business finance platform that scans products from over 80 lenders and pairs customers with the best solution for their needs. They’ve helped more than 90,000 businesses assess their options and access over $600M in funding.

The company recently launched the next generation of its quoting platform which utilises AI to guide customers to a better match in fewer steps. If you’d like to see the options available to your business – whether it’s for some new equipment, a car or to increase cash flow – spend two minutes with the team and see how Valiant can help your business succeed.

Civic Ledger

Civic Ledger is a multi-award winning young Australian company working at the intersection of government, industry, and civil society. Our purpose is to help government and industry create a common understanding of business processes through interoperability to drive efficiencies, increase transparency and improve the customer experience. We are also the creator of the smart contract interface ERC1753 – a recognised Ethereum standard for the issuance of entitlements – and build with open and public platforms. Since delivering our first Proof of Concept in mid-2016, we have seen the blockchain technology mature: National Blockchain Roadmap, and a global agreement on international Standards.


Financial crime is increasing, and with it the regulatory burden on financial institutions. Technology upgrade projects are also being delayed due to COVID-19, with budgets diverted elsewhere. Identitii helps financial institutions reduce regulatory risk, without replacing legacy technology. Our platform cuts settlement delays and ensures financial crime compliance by bringing structure and transparency to transaction data spread across systems. It creates a complete and auditable record of activity related to a transaction and provides a secure way to collect and share information with customers and regulators, including AUSTRAC, so you can focus on what’s most important to your business.


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