Five FinTechs on Friday – August 21

Another exciting Friday with fintechs that have built innovative solutions including micro-investing into your super, financing your next car purchase, using AI to understand consumer bank statements, delivering CDR expertise, enabling capital raising through crowdfunding through tokenised interests. More below.


Longevity is on a mission to change everyone’s financial future, one cent at a time. With most Australians facing a significant shortfall in their retirement savings (women in particular retiring with around half as men), Longevity provides a simple solution, leveraging micro-savings to allows users to automatically top up their nominated super fund each time they spend (think $1 automatically contributed for every $100 grocery shop). Coupled with the power of compound interest, users can significantly boost their nest egg without compromising their current lifestyle, which is going to be a vital tool to aid the recovery of peoples retirement savings. Our innovative B2C and B2B business model has some exciting B2B partnerships launching later in 2020!

Look Who’s Charging

Look Who’s Charging’s technology enables consumers, banks & FinTechs, for the first time, to truly understand bank statement data. They utilise the latest in AI and Machine Learning to provide a deep, meaningful and accurate view of a consumer’s income, expenses and financial position in real-time. Their technology is utilised by over 20 banks including three of the big four. Look Who’s Charging is thrilled to have recently launched it’s Developer Portal to provide a means for the FinTech community to more easily access it’s technology.


Driva is an online platform that helps Australians navigate car-buying. Financing a car should be easy, but it’s often not. Whether you’re in a dealership being passed from salesperson-to-salesperson with only one lender option available, or going to multiple lenders directly to find out your rate (hurting your credit score), it’s extremely difficult for consumers to shop around with confidence. That’s where Driva comes in. In a few simple steps, the platform provides customers with personalised quotes from multiple lenders, with full transparency over costs and the confidence that they will be approved. Driva aims to make the car buying process fast, simple and fair – putting Australians back in the Driva’s seat.

Biza are specialists in open source technology to enable the Consumer Data Right. Founded in 2017, we have been involved from the beginning, in the development of the CDR technical standards enabling us to deliver subject matter expertise to both Data Holders and Data Recipients. The past few months have been very busy as Data Holders (ie. banks) ramp up their plans to achieve their compliance obligations and leverage the innovation that will result from open banking. For this has culminated in a number of active Data Holder implementations occurring and the first publicly announced partnership, Regional Australia Bank, who have chosen Biza’s software stack as their “whole of bank” Holder solution. We encourage anyone interested in interacting with open banking implementers to join the growing Slack community.

Tribe Digital Ventures

The TDV platform will simplify the STO process by offering a plug and play AFSL-licensed crowdfunded managed investment scheme for projects that want to raise capital through tokenised interests in a managed fund that will invest proceeds into their project. They will also offer liquidity services to make investment into projects more attractive.

TDV Consulting will provide services to help businesses tokenise securities and undertake their own STO, including STO SaaS, software development, project management, marketing, compliance and legal services.

The platform will launch in a few months. You can sign up to their mailing list at


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