Five FinTechs on Friday – June 11, 2021

We are delighted to present to you another series of our Five Fintechs on Friday featuring Brickfloor, Lifepay, Assurance Lab, MoneyMe, and Paycepaid.

Check them out below:


Paycepaid is on a mission to empower businesses to collect their own debt using the power of automation.

Replacing outdated collection processes by implementing a digital-first approach, Paycepaid leverages machine learning to create strategic collections campaigns to deliver 3x better results while reducing the traditional day-to-day hands-on workload by 80%.

With the ability to be fully white-labelled, Paycepaid’s accounts receivables solution comes with a multitude of customisable options ranging from campaign creation to customised SMS, Emails and even automated phone calls to ensure all communications align with your style and branding.

Paycepaid works with businesses of all sizes to help revolutionise their accounts receivables and collections processes.
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Lifepay is a comprehensive digital payment wallet that seamlessly integrates and facilitates consumers’ no-fee spending, financial management and social needs.
Jointly established by the Australian listed company Novatti Group (ASX: NOV) and AFIG in 2020, Lifepay has partnered with Visa and other leading financial institutions, encouraging users to confidently embrace the new digital landscape.
Through the Lifepay app, consumers can pay via multiple payment methods such as QR code or virtual Visa card and securely pay and manage Australian bills in foreign currency – all at the touch of a button. Exclusive offer – Sign up using the code FINTEC and receive a $20 reward in your new Lifepay account.

Assurance Lab

AssuranceLab is a cloud-native audit partner using supporting Regtech and specialising in the “SOC” standards. We help our tech clients unlock Open Banking (ASAE 3150), support publicly listed enterprises (SOC 1), and satisfy security and compliance for global enterprise sales (SOC 2). We launched our Open Banking accreditation services this year with our first audit and application completed last month. We’re now offering no fees until accreditation to kick-start the next wave of innovative, data-driven fintech’s!


MoneyMe is an Australian ASX listed licensed digital credit business that uses proprietary technology and AI to service a diversified mix of industry verticals. From low rate personal loans, revolving credit accounts and point of sale retail products, MoneyMe’s customers are digital savvy, Generation Now consumers seeking simplicity, speed, competitive pricing and flexibility without the paperwork. MoneyMe’s technology platform enables instant decisioning, personalised offers and funds to be dispersed to customers in minutes shortly after approval. The latest innovation Autopay is set to transform the industry with same-day auto finance, settled within 60 minutes 7 days a week.


Brickfloor is a Melbourne based, award-winning, PropTech that offers a new and innovative service for home sellers: an upfront commitment to buy a seller’s home for a market price – guaranteed for the length of their sale campaign. This provides sellers with total peace of mind, the ability to safely buy before they sell (particularly important in a rising property market), and leverage to extract higher offers from other buyers (sellers have achieved 8% higher sale prices on average). In a constantly changing market, from lockdown to FOMO, Brickfloor has been called a “game-changer” and a “revelation” by customers, who have been able to proceed along their home ownership journey with full confidence.
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