FinSS Global announces partnership with Uplinq, the global SME Credit Assessment platform

Australian technology and digital transformation firm, Fintech Solutions and Services Global (FinSS Global) is delighted to announce a partnership with Uplinq, the first global credit assessment platform for SME lenders.

The partnership signifies the technology companies’ joint mission in helping banks and lenders deliver lending innovation and financial inclusion for their small business customers, the backbone of economies, across the globe.

Leveraging Uplinq’s unique and advanced AI/ML technology, which has served as a foundation for over $1.4 Trillion in underwritten loans globally, FinSS Global plan to incorporate the solution within its Small Business Lending Dashboard product and offer it to banks and lenders within the A/NZ market.

The new product will be known as the Credit Assessment and Business Lending Enterprise Dashboard (CABLED), and will aggregate data from multiple sources, such as bank accounts, accounting systems and government and industry sources, ensuring a complete picture of an SME’s financial health and lending/borrowing viability is available within one visual dashboard, greatly improving the accuracy and timeliness of the pre-approval process. 

The technology will further enable traditional SME Bank Lenders to compete against FinTech and NeoBank challengers by maintaining and growing their customer base, while being able to innovate, digitise and build closer value-based relationships with existing and new customers. CABLED will offer a much superior solution by incorporating a myriad of new datapoints, elevating the data available to bank and lending decision makers, and ultimately benefitting the small business customer. 

Speaking on the partnership, Dallas Newton, CEO and Co-Founder at FinSS Global, commented: “Our partnership with Uplinq is very exciting as it is a proven, global credit assessment platform for SME Lenders, that we believe to be a first here in Australia. Developing CABLED extends our Business Lending Dashboard products to something very new and unique to the entire A/NZ region.

“The new dimension expands our capability by being able to leverage many additional datapoints from industry, government and commercial sources to better understand, beyond pure financial data, a borrower’s suitability for, and propensity to service their requested loan.

“Additionally, for those lenders interested in being better social citizens, it adds another dimension beyond traditional business lending, supporting the servicing of the underserved, unbanked, minority and immigrant small business owner. Another growing sector, here and abroad.”

Ron Benegbi, Founder and CEO of Uplinq commented: “We are thrilled with Uplinq’s partnership with FinSS Global. We have a kindred goal, which is to bring financial inclusion to all SMEs. With FinSS Global incorporating our technology to help power their lending dashboard, CABLED, it now means lenders in the Australian and New Zealand markets aren’t just extracting data from traditional financial sources like bank account and accounting systems, but from proximity/access to markets, access to health and education services, family experiences in other businesses and utility, phone and payment history, to name but a few. All these additional factors have an impact on an SME’s day-to-day finances. 

“We look forward to working together and expanding the lending landscape for all small business and micro business owners.”

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Notes to editors: 

About FinSS Global

Fintech Solutions and Services (Global) Pty Ltd (FinSS Global) was established in Melbourne, Australia in 2019 as an organisation focused on Compliance, Collection Management, Banking Solutions, with a focus on SMB Lending enablement, and Digital Transformation. 

Our target market is the small to medium Australian Authorised Deposit-taking Institutions (ADIs) and Lenders/Credit Providers. We offer our own leading edge (digital) solutions, consulting and expertise, as well as solutions and capabilities from key like-minded Strategic Partners, to cost-effectively meet the needs of our target market.

About Uplinq

Uplinq is the first, global credit assessment platform of its kind. The company’s solution has been built specifically for small business lenders. Uplinq offers lenders confidence, analysing billions of unique and validated data signals that go beyond traditional credit indicators, to make the most accurate lending decisions possible. The company’s platform allows lenders to gain insights on all SMBs in their portfolio, while empowering them to better support the underserved, unbanked, minority and immigrant small business owner.

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