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  • MoneyMe Ltd.
  • MoneyMe: Finance the smarter, faster way.To sum us up, we offer online credit up to $35,000 – and we do it really, really fast.We understand tech-savvy Australians who are looking for faster, more convenient, and simpler access to credit direct from their mobiles.Our advanced technology platform, Horizon, allows us to provide an outcome in a matter of seconds, with funds sent immediately once approved. Using AI and smart algorithms, we provide personalised, unbiased, risk-based pricing that results in fairer and better credit.But that’s all happening behind the scenes. What customers deal with is an easy-to-use, no bull website, and straightforward communication via emails, texts, and the occasional call. No paperwork, and no fuss.Every interaction you have with us is a breeze; from rescheduling payments to requesting another loan, we use technology to do all the heavy lifting – and we approach absolutely everything this way.
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