Lensell: Australian investors’ preferences in the first quarter of 2022

This article is the second in a new thought leadership series from the team at LENSELL. Check the first article in this series here.


In this article, the team at LENSELL looks at Australian investors’ preferences in the first quarter of 2022, based on the data sourced from their partner Sharesight

The article aims to understand how investors’ most popular choices are placed in comparison with general attitudes towards risk and with the general approach to seeking returns based on performance.

After analysing the Top 20 investors’ preference from several angles (risk & return, Beta, Sharpe ratio, diversification) the author highlights several insight points:  

  • Investors’ behaviour can change a lot in the course of a few months, with preferences changing within the same asset classes as well. 
  • While there is a lot of data available to support deep investigation and investment research, many investors seem to make only emotional decisions, follow word of mouth or online recommendations that do not make sense from a rational perspective.
  • While 83% of investors only want to take medium, low or no risks at all, this list of Top 20 preferences indicates that many investors may actually take risks higher than they would like. 
  • Although investing in ETFs often gives the best diversification, investors need to beware of spreading money between ETFs that may actually be very correlated. Investing in these correlated ETFs will not bring about the intended level of diversification and further investigations are always needed, just the same as when investing in individual stocks. 

Check out the full article at: https://www.sharesight.com/blog/whats-driving-investors-mind-or-emotions/ and contact the team with any questions at: info@lensell.online

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AgriDigital raises $25M to grow the value of grain

AgriDigital’s mission to grow the value of grain by building the best digital grain management and finance platform for the world’s farmers, grain buyers and traders, brokers and storage operators has been given a boost after the company recently closed a $25 million capital round with a local fund keen to be part of this growth.

Started by farmer co founders Bob McKay, Ben Reid and Emma Weston, AgriDigital has grown to be the largest digital grain management platform in Australia with 15% of all grain produced here being transacted at the sale, delivery or storage point through the platform; and over 14,000 users.

CEO and co founder, Emma Weston confirmed that the round, which is a mix of debt and equity, enables the company across both the technology and finance landscapes.

“Our focus is to ensure that all of the grains industry has access to the tools for growth in the digital age. This means grain management software that operates in real-time, can be used in the paddock, the office or at the weighbridge by all of a farm or grain company’s employees, and that enables our customers to collateralise their grain assets to get same day access to working capital,” Weston said.

This announcement follows several milestone announcements in 2021 for AgriDigital across multiple partnerships and sustainable grain pilots.

“We recognise that our customers need to not only be ready for the digital grain supply chain, but also positioned to take advantage of new revenue streams and opportunities in sustainable supply chains” says Weston.

Backed by Square Peg Capital and one of Australia’s largest family offices in its initial capital raise in 2017, AgriDigital brought on San Francisco Bay Area based food system investor 1st Course Capital alongside an increased commitment by Square Peg Capital in 2019; and has now broadened its investor base to include a large global investor with experience in debt finance.

“We are seeing huge demand both from customers who need access to faster and more flexible forms of finance to support their growth as well as capital allocators who want to gain greater exposure to the agricultural sector.

“With almost 25 million tonnes transacted through AgriDigital last year at a value of over $6 billion and $150 million financed by us so far; we have big growth targets for AgriDigital Finance in 2022,” commented Weston.

Square Peg Capital’s Tony Holt said they continue to be excited by the opportunity.

“Over the past three years, Emma, Ben, Bob and the team at AgriDigital have proven that by digitizing the supply chain you can then finance and manage risk across that supply chain in new ways, and they are committed to making this available to every farmer and grain business in one of the world’s largest commodity markets,” Holt said.

AgriDigital’s focus on finance comes as part of continued product development and market growth across Australia and North America.

“Part of what makes us different is our focus on the whole supply chain, we are not just for farmers or just for traders, we are for the whole supply chain. This capital raise supports us to improve the experience for our existing customers and to accelerate onboarding for new users, so that they can get their work done as efficiently as possible for the lowest cost in terms of time, reduced errors and training time, improved decision-making and reporting.

“We are doing this now in Australia and the US; and there is a lot of growth in front of us. We aim to be the global leader; the team is motivated and ready,” Weston continued.

AgriDigital is hiring, see our job opportunities here.

Zai launches CurrencyFair in the USA, bringing its bank-beating international money transfers Stateside

Zai, the global financial technology company delivering embedded finance orchestration solutions, today announced the launch of its CurrencyFair personal money transfer service in all 50 states in the USA. Consumers in the USA can now use CurrencyFair to exchange and transfer money internationally with rates eight times cheaper than traditional banks, without delay and with no hidden fees.

Individuals sending money abroad can save money on their currency exchange – or save on exchange rates when buying overseas property, paying overseas tax, paying international student fees and receiving overseas pensions – CurrencyFair offers competitive rates, fast reliable transfers, and excellent customer service. The service is fully licensed and regulated, and has securely transferred over $15 billion globally. US consumers can send money to more than 150 countries with bank-level security, but without bank-level rates.

Paul Byrne, CEO of Zai said: “Since we launched the Zai brand internationally towards the end of last year, a key focus for us has been global growth and introducing our evolving product offering into new markets – all while keeping our customer-centric, problem-solving approach at the heart of everything we do. The launch of our CurrencyFair personal money transfer service in the US is a natural step for us on this journey, allowing all US-based consumers – and in particular expats living in the States – to securely send money to over 150 countries and counting.

“The USA’s $2 trillion revenue market for payments presents a significant opportunity for us as Zai continues to grow and develop its product offering. We are expanding our services in the US over the coming year, supporting both consumers and businesses by simplifying payments and making innovative financial services accessible to all.”

Launched in Ireland in 2010, the CurrencyFair brand has expanded internationally offering more than 20 currencies in well-established currency corridors – including GBP, Euro, Canadian, Australian, Singapore and Hong Kong Dollars from the US – for international payments. CurrencyFair will increase its offering to 40+ currencies this year, including the Mexican Peso, Brazilian Real, Argentine Peso, Japanese Yen, Malaysian Ringgit, Pakistani Rupee and Sri Lankan Rupee.

CurrencyFair sits under the umbrella of Zai, a global provider of embedded finance orchestration. Zai supports businesses across a wide range of industries internationally – from fintechs to property technology companies – in simplifying, streamlining and scaling complex payment workflows. This latest US launch is part of a significant global expansion for the company following strategic investment by Standard Chartered Bank in 2021; Zai has over 300 employees currently, with plans to grow to 450 by 2025, and is expanding its presence across APAC, UK, USA and the Middle-East in the coming year.

For further information please contact:

Rachel McFaul

Global Communications Manager


+353 85 782 7230 | rmcfaul@hellozai.com

About Zai

Zai is boldly transforming the future of financial services and powering customers by making innovative financial services accessible to all. Zai’s payment APIs are a core capability within its suite of embedded finance products and services, helping businesses manage multiple payment workflows and move funds. Its innovative platform applies expertise in real-time payments to a reliable micro-service architecture to enable authentication, liquidity, payment and settlement. Also under Zai’s umbrella is CurrencyFair, a global currency exchange platform serving consumers and businesses with competitive exchange rates.  Zai has over 300 employees, with plans to grow to 450 by 2025, and is expanding its presence across APAC, UK, USA and the Middle-East. To find out more about the 10-year history of Zai visit The Story of Zai.

About CurrencyFair

CurrencyFair was launched in Ireland in 2010 and offers an online cross-border payment and foreign exchange service to customers globally. It currently offers 20 currencies in well-established currency corridors for international payments, with plans to offer 40 currencies in the coming year. For more information, please visit CurrencyFair’s website.

Paypa Plane expands to US, appoints payments luminaries to board

Payments fintech Paypa Plane has appointed former New Payments  Platform Australia general counsel Vanessa Chapman as chair of its board, with CBA EGM  Payments Ethan Teas and Tyro CEO Robbie Cooke joining as directors ahead of an expansion  of the business into the US. 

The new directors join Paypa Plane founders and CEO Simone Joyce and CRO Jonathan Grant  on the board.  

The appointments follow an investment by Commonwealth Bank of Australia in the business,  ahead of the turning on of PayTo in July this year, and with experience across the payments  sector, will provide solid foundations for rapid growth across Australia and the US. 

CEO Simone Joyce said the new directors would bring experience and vision for the future of  the payments ecosystem in Australia and provide pivotal guidance as Paypa Plane reach grows  globally. 

“The payments ecosystem is at a critical moment not just in Australia, but also in the US, as we  evolve toward real-time payments and we welcome our new chair and directors whose expertise  will provide a stable support base for our operations team as we continue our rapid growth,” Ms  Joyce said. 

“Their combined practical experience and involvement in the upgrade to the payments  framework in Australia, will also ensure solid foundations and good governance remain a  strength in the face of growth.” 

Incoming chair Vanessa Chapman was the General Counsel for NPP Australia Limited, the  operator of the New Payments Platform, and was instrumental in developing the rules,  constitution and participant engagement frameworks for both the platform and its PayTo service  giving her a unique perspective to help drive Paypa Plane forward.  

“Paypa Plane is well positioned to accelerate the delivery of PayTo in Australia and co-create a  payments ecosystem where both payers and businesses are participating equally,” Ms  Chapman says. 

“I welcome the opportunity to guide at a board level their Australian and global expansion as  payments rapidly evolve over the coming years.” 

Elected as the shareholder appointed director for CBA, EGM of Payments Ethan Teas has  immense experience in understanding the payments ecosystem both in Australia and USA. 

CEO of Tyro Robbie Cooke has led 3 ASX listed companies in a business career spanning  more than 30 years. He has traversed scale-ups, listings and significant M&A actions in  technology enabled businesses delivering significant shareholder value.  

Board is being built to support company growth both in Australia and the US as well as ensure  that solid foundations are laid and good governance remains a strength of the organisation in  the face of that rapid growth. 

Media Contact:  

Director Silkie Communications  

Melissa Mack  



About Paypa Plane 

Founded in 2018, Paypa Plane is the bank-grade platform where traditional payments (Direct  Debit/ card) and new real time and data enriched scheduled/recurring payments work alongside  each other. Our white-label solutions are for banks and PSPs looking to rapidly evolve their  product offerings without changing their existing infrastructure – our systems simply ‘plug-in’  over the top- allowing for easy deployment and management.

Basiq announces five new customers to access Open Banking

Basiq has today announced Pearler, Way Forward, The Payment App, Otivo and Fonto as new customers under the CDR Representative model who can now access Open Banking data. Basiq becomes the first Unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient (ADR) to provide access to both CDR and non-CDR data for customers under this arrangement. 

The adoption of the CDR Representative model shows that fintechs are keen to access and use Open Banking data. As an Open Finance platform that provides access to Open Banking, Basiq supports a number of use cases including lending, wealth & investing, bnpl, personal financial management, charities and payments. The new customers announced demonstrate the breadth with which financial data is used in providing a fintech service across a variety of segments. 

Pearler is an investment app that aims to help everyday people invest simply, to build wealth and share their journey. Partnering with Basiq enables Pearler to assess the financial standing of individuals and help them build their wealth with simple, automated share investing. 

Way Forward is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a free service for consumers to help them get out of financial hardship and reduce their debt faster. Using the Basiq platform enables Way Forward to get a deeper understanding of a consumer’s financial situation. 

The Payment App provides smart datatech and fintech solutions to businesses through data services, payment services and the development of apps. Through Basiq, it will enable partners and clients to facilitate richer user engagement through increased financial intelligence. 

Otivo empowers people to take control of their financial future by providing personalised financial advice online. Using Basiq, Otivo is able to better understand their customer’s financial needs in real time, ensuring their advice is always relevant and up to date. 

Fonto enables companies to validate, connect and understand consumers quickly and accurately. By partnering with Basiq for daily financial data, Fonto can generate deeper insights across dozens of categories. 

With access to Open Banking alongside existing methods, the Basiq platform provides customers with the ability to use financial data for a number of different use cases in getting the most complete view of end users. This includes the ability to verify identity by validating account ownership, drive personalisation by generating insights from financial data, and initiate actions such as payments. 

“We’re really excited to be working with customers in enabling them to access and use Open Banking. We understand how complex accessing Open Banking can be and we’ve worked closely with them to simplify the process. Our focus is on removing the complexities so our customers can focus on building and enhancing their fintech services” says Damir Cuca, CEO and founder of Basiq. 

One of the ways Basiq has simplified access is through its recent announcement on its platform upgrade. The Basiq 3.0 platform helps deliver a more complete picture of end-users, minimising complexity by providing a single API to access multiple data sources. Using a platform such as Basiq that can access

CDR and non-CDR data is important while Open Banking is in a transitory stage. Not only does Basiq 3.0 access CDR Open Banking, the platform also provides connectivity to financial institutions that are not yet part of Open Banking such as alternate lenders, card issuers, investments and BNPL services. 

The Basiq 3.0 platform enables customers to access CDR and non-CDR data 

“The Basiq 3.0 platform provides a way for our customers to obtain an ongoing view of their end users’ financial position using multiple data sources. Using Basiq 3.0, Fintechs can incorporate CDR Open Banking data as well as data from non-CDR sources. We’ve taken the heavy lifting out of accessing and normalising data from multiple sources including Open Banking so it can be used in a meaningful way” says Cuca. 

One of the challenges with accessing CDR Open Banking was that you had to be an ADR in order to use the data – something which requires an organisation to go through a complex process to be accredited by the ACCC. At the time of writing there are 30 organisations who are ADRs. However, both Treasury and the ACCC were quick to respond to industry concerns last year by making amendments to Version 3 of the CDR rules to include ‘Access models’ to accelerate participation. 

One of these models is the CDR representative model that enables un-accredited persons to provide services to consumers using CDR data under an arrangement with an ADR such as Basiq. A full list of CDR Representative arrangements can be found on the CDR website here: 


About Basiq 

At Basiq, our vision is to Make Finance Easy. Finance is complex and it can be hard for consumers to make informed financial decisions. We see a world where consumers are empowered to make smarter financial decisions and to engage with their finances in new and unique ways.

Basiq enables this by providing an Open Finance API platform for businesses to build innovative financial solutions. Our customers include the fastest-growing fintechs and banks in the region. As the building blocks of financial services, the platform facilitates the relationship between fintechs and consumers by providing access to consented financial data with the tools to uncover valuable insights and take action.

Australia’s Hay Group launches Shaype to reimagine financial innovation and accelerate international growth

Australia’s Hay Group is launching Shaype to redefine what is possible in financial  innovation, fintech and embedded financial experiences.  

Since launching the Hay as a Service (HaaS) offering in 2020, the team and the  platform’s capabilities have grown and evolved reflecting the strong demand from  clients for better financial innovation solutions. 

The key attributes delivered to clients include project acceleration and derisking  technology execution for start-ups as well as established suppliers who can use  the powerful and flexible platform to bring new products to market.  

The business has established a reputation for speed, flexibility, control, strong  working relationships and a partnership approach. 

To continue to build on this strong foundation, Hay as a Service (HaaS) has today  become Shaype.  

Hay Group Founder & CEO Andrew Laycock said:  “Customers want new and flexible ways of dealing with their finances and  businesses are seeing a huge opportunity to deliver financial experiences  differently.  

“Our new brand represents the ambition and evolution of our wholesale financial  technology platform which we launched in 2020 to provide single API access to a  full suite of powerful financial microservices. Shaype reflects our passion to  redefine what is possible in financial innovation.”  

Leveraging the opportunity and success in the Australian market, Shaype is a  global business with locations in Sydney, London, Belfast and Warsaw.  

Key industry partners of Shaype include AWS, VISA, Apple and Google. 

About Shaype

Shaype is creating tomorrow’s financial experiences today. Our core  product is the creation of transaction accounts – including joint accounts – with BSB  and account number linked to a VISA card. Our powerful and flexible platform offers one API access to a full suite of powerful financial microservices for:  

  • Card payments, bank transfers, wallets, tokenisation and dynamic authorisation
  • Seamless customer onboarding, data and insights 
  • Real-time AML, CTF and fraud monitoring across all payment channels 

ShaypeTM (trading name of Hay as a Service Pty Ltd ABN 75 645 062 611) provides factual  information and general advice only on financial products and services as a Corporate  Authorised Representative (001293961) of Hay Limited (AFSL 515459). 

Business inquiries: Please visit www.shaype.com 

Media inquiries: Please email media@shaype.com

LAB Group Integrates with Complii to Simplify Financial Advice

Australia’s most connected account opening platform provider, LAB Group (“LAB” or “the Company”), is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Complii FinTech Solutions Ltd (ASX: CF1) (“Complii”) to streamline digital onboarding for Complii’s clients.

Complii is an innovative ASX-listed fintech group which specialises in SaaS-based technology that digitises compliance, capital raising and operational functions, assisting Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) holders to meet their regulatory obligations.

Under this new partnership, LAB Group has further expanded its industry-leading connectivity by integrating its client onboarding platform with Complii’s web-based compliance solution. This connectivity provides LAB Group and Complii customers a single solution to meet digital onboarding, account opening, compliance and operational needs at the organisation, adviser, client and investor levels.

This strategic partnership defines a new automated workflow which utilises the connectivity of the Company’s existing integration with clearing and settlement providers. As Complii aggregates data from various sources, including clearing and settlement providers to ensure investors are profiled and issued compliance documentation accordingly (such as Statements of Advice (SOAs)), as well as ensuring compliance is maintained. LAB Group expects this integration to provide the benefit to its wealth advisory and stockbroking client base.

The integration has already seen uptake by some of LAB Group’s full-service stockbroking clients, who are existing Complii users, to easily and compliantly capture client information to feed into electronic KYC & investor profiles as well as digitally generated SOAs.

Commenting on the integration, Complii Executive Chairman, Craig Mason, said:

“We are pleased to partner with LAB Group to deliver an integration between our respective platforms. We and our clients are familiar with LAB Group, as until now we would frequently see advisers rekey LAB-generated account holder information into Complii’s portal in order to create Statements of Advice. That double-handling will now become a thing of the past as this integration significantly boosts our users’ efficiency and enhances the usability of our solution. We look forward to facilitating a smoother flow of business through our integrated channels as we support each other’s growth objectives.”

LAB Group is the leader in secure onboarding, with tens of thousands of new investors onboarded into hundreds of financial offerings every month. LAB Group’s innovative platform provides a fully compliant, end-to-end, multi product digital onboarding process for individuals, companies, Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) and trusts.

LAB Group’s technology is standardised to seamlessly integrate into core industry systems and platforms. It also satisfies the Australian government’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) Know Your Business (KYB) regulatory requirements.

The LAB Network continues to grow through strategic partnerships and integrations across the financial services industry to enhance product origination and distribution for their clients. Today, hundreds of regulated entities around the globe connect through the LAB Network to accelerate customer registration, reduce onboarding time, increase security, and achieve higher completion rates.

Nick Boudrie, CEO of LAB Group, said:

“We are delighted to welcome another leading fintech as an integration partner through our new relationship with Complii. As Complii shares LAB Group’s commitment to the full-service stockbroking industry, the integration of our platforms has rapidly shown tangible benefits to Complii end-users. Although the LAB Group platform is well-proven in terms of boosting account opening completion rates, this integration underlines our ability to get our clients capital invested faster through the rapidly growing network and connectivity that we have developed across the financial services industry.

“Partnerships such as the one between LAB Group and Complii support our drive to deliver not just automation and efficiency to the financial services industry, but also best-in-class streamlined identity verification at a time of rising concerns regarding fraudulent banking activity. We look forward to supporting Complii’s strategic growth plans through this integration and exposing our platform’s capabilities to a broader audience.”


About LAB Group Services Pty Ltd

Where welcome onboard begins.

LAB is a RegTech providing an innovative KYC & Onboarding platform that revolutionises the customer journey from the very first steps, fulfilling AML/CTF regulatory needs whilst saving time and resources by providing a high degree of automation for account creation and customer lifecycle management using remediation and ongoing customer due diligence processes.

The LAB platform welcomes tens of thousands of people into hundreds of financial product offerings across over 15 industry verticals, matching applicants with a vast array of market offerings.

Connect to more people in more places.

Connect into the LAB Network that leverages strategic partnerships and integrations to enhance product origination and distribution.

Hundreds of regulated entities around the globe connect through the LAB Network to accelerate customer registration, reduce onboarding time, increase security, and achieve higher completion rates.

The leaders in secure onboarding.

LAB’s continually advancing platform empowers our clients to stay ahead of rapidly changing compliance regulations and evolving customer experience expectations.

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform provides a fully compliant, end-to-end, multi product digital onboarding process. LAB seamlessly connects digital client acquisition, ID verification, biometrics, workflow management, fraud protection and compliance services on a single platform.

Become part of the most connected digital onboarding platform.

With LAB’s unmatched connectivity, we get you to market sooner through our sector-agnostic integrations and transformational data automation.

Discover more at  https://labgroup.com.au/

For all media enquiries please contact Tim Dohrmann, NWR Communications

Phone:  +61 468 420 846

Email: tim@nwrcommunications.com.au

Open Finance platform Basiq announces strategic partnership with FrankieOne

Basiq and FrankieOne are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining FrankieOne’s identity, compliance and fraud prevention solution with Basiq’s financial data insights. 

The onboarding of customers is just the first phase of a customer experience, but having an ongoing understanding of your customer’s financial position can help deliver a more personalised experience and in turn greater total customer value.. The partnership will bring together deep skills and expertise in customer onboarding compliance processes and fraud prevention from FrankieOne, together with insights into a customer’s financial history from Basiq. 

When banks, fintechs and financial institutions onboard customers, identifying who the individual is and understanding their financial behaviours are two important components in delivering a great customer experience and building a strong customer relationship. A fast and seamless process in performing these two tasks can go a long way toward successful acquisition and retention. By bringing together the capabilities of Basiq and FrankieOne, businesses can perform the necessary KYC/AML checks, verify bank account ownership and obtain a complete financial view of the consumer through a single API. 

“As Open Finance continues to accelerate, the ability to obtain a complete financial view becomes essential in offering personalised services for current and future consumers. Basiq recently announced the latest Basiq 3.0 platform upgrade that enables fintechs to access Consumer Data Right (CDR) Open

Banking data and via web capture for financial institutions that are not yet part of Open Banking”, says Damir Cuca, CEO & Founder of Basiq

“An identity check/fraud assessment together with insights on financial behaviour are common challenges for banks, fintechs and financial institutions to solve. By combining these services together, it will enable businesses to accelerate the onboarding process and obtain a complete financial view of the consumer.” says Damir Cuca

Simon Costello, CEO of FrankieOne added, “We view the partnership with Basiq as a key component of the FrankieOne solution. We are strong believers in open banking and consumers being able to consent to sharing their banking data, which will enable businesses to better understand and build deeper relationships with their end customer. Basiq and FrankieOne share the same philosophy of being API-led, enabling businesses to integrate seamlessly and have full control of the customer experience.” 

The combined services of KYC/AML, account verification and insights from financial data can now be accessed via a single API. It enables banks, fintechs and financial institutions to focus on innovation and their core business of driving value for their end consumers. 

For more information, please contact Jake Osborne from Basiq jake@basiq.io and Toni Knowlson from FrankieOne, toni@frankieone.com

About Basiq 

At Basiq, our vision is to Make Finance Easy. Finance is complex and it can be hard for consumers to make informed financial decisions. We see a world where consumers are empowered to make smarter financial decisions and to engage with their finances in new and unique ways. 

Basiq enables this by providing an API platform for businesses to build innovative financial solutions. Our customers include the fastest-growing fintechs and banks in the region. As the building blocks of financial services, the platform facilitates the relationship between fintechs and consumers by providing access to consented financial data with the tools to uncover valuable insights and take action. 

About FrankieOne 

FrankieOne provides a unified solution for compliance and fraud prevention with a single API and platform that connects to over 350 global identity and fraud prevention providers in 48 countries.

MyBond partners with the Founder and Chairperson of Hope for the Homeless

To celebrate International Pay It Forward Day today (28 April 2022), MyBond has partnered with the Founder and Chairperson of Hope for the Homeless, Dean Evers, by paying his rental bond forward.

Dean was recently featured on ABC ‘Coffs Harbour homelessness advocate facing rental struggle of his own’, and shared his personal experience and struggle with finding a suitable rental property in the current circumstances. Rental affordability and accessibility have been affecting many Australians this year. The crisis is hitting hard in regional areas like Coffs Harbour and neighbouring Port Macquarie, with vacancy rates in the state at just 0.8 per cent, according to the REINSW Vacancy Rate Survey for December. Skyrocketing demand and short supply have led to soaring median rental prices. According to realestate.com, the median weekly rent for a Coffs Harbour house is $560, with units at $420.

A community champion, Dean, has dedicated much of his working life to advocating for the homeless. Still, after years of campaigning, he was faced with his rental market struggle to find a new home. “The continued knockbacks because there are so many people applying for properties, and just how soul-destroying that is to keep doing that day after day.”

Hope for the Homeless works to assist people in crisis find long-term rental accommodation, furniture, and white goods for those struggling to make ends meet. “MyBond and Hope for the Homeless share the same passion for putting the community first. Dean’s advocacy and commitment align with our mission to make a tenant’s life easier by providing various products and services and, ultimately, a solution.” Ray Dib, CEO and co-founder of MyBond, believes that “small acts like this that have real outcomes that can literally change the individual, their circumstance and have a ripple effect in the community.”

“Being in the rental market and having to move house can be very expensive. Apart from moving costs and having the house cleaned professionally, there is a huge consideration of the bond. While the Department of Fair Trading holds your existing bond, you need to find several thousand dollars for your new bond. This is where MyBond can assist.” stated Dean Evers. “Forming a partnership between our charity and MyBond I know will help many individuals and families. I’m so glad I trusted them to look after me. I know they will look after you too” – Dean Evers.

MyBond is a social enterprise that is enriched by its collaboration with local services and non-profit organisations such as Hope for the Homeless to assist individuals and families who have been victims of domestic abuse or displaced as a result of homelessness in settling into a new life by offering a new method of paying the initial bond.  Furthermore, MyBond has developed a program whereby the tenant only pays MyBond’s fee of one week’s rent over 10 months interest-free, fee-free.

MyBond is dedicated to outcomes rather than outputs on improving families’ lives and finances while supporting our diverse Australian community. “Overall, MyBond is committed to improving families’ lives and finances while supporting our diverse Australian community. But, ultimately, it’s all about giving people flexibility and choice in paying and managing their rental bond and allowing someone to control where they want to live and when they want to live there.” – Ray Dib.

About MyBond 

MyBond is disrupting the Australian rental market with a first-of-its-kind in-the-world service that helps tenants pay for the rental bond. An alternative to paying rental bonds with a single fee of just one week’s rent with no interest, no repayments and no credit checks. MyBond’s vision is to be the preferred and trusted partner throughout a renter’s life, and since the company’s launch in March 2021, it has funded millions of bonds and has helped over 1500+ Australians move into their dream dwelling in NSW, VIC, & QLD. We are the fastest growing FinTech, with a growth rate of 25% month of the month and have plans to expand and scale-up.

About Hope for the Homeless
Hope for the Homeless – Coffs Harbour Inc., a not-for-profit organisation (a public company limited by guarantee) ABN: 93871390505 and registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission with Deductible Gift Recipient Status. We act in response to the needs of our community’s most vulnerable members: the homeless, those at risk of becoming homeless, victims of domestic violence, and the working poor. Over six years, we have helped 1,000’s individuals and families.


Patrick John Esangga
Marketing Manager

Hope for the Homeless
Dean Evers
Founder & Chairperson

Global trends and opportunities in B2B payments: A look into how businesses can take advantage of automated digital solutions to accelerate growth.

Digital payments have helped businesses get paid safely and efficiently through the COVID-19 lockdowns and associated restrictions, but new challenges are arising as economies reopen. With supply chain disruptions, the ‘great resignation’, rising inputs such as fuel, and the expense of reopening top of mind for businesses, now is an opportune time to build on the processes optimised throughout the pandemic, especially across B2B trade. 

Transforming payment processes with digital technology not only helps businesses get paid faster but implementing integrated cloud-based solutions delivers many efficiency-based benefits for businesses. Which is why Spenda, a leader in B2B payment and lending solutions, leveraged extensive research to create a paper that delivers a holistic overview of insights into the global state of B2B payments and how businesses can take advantage of trends and innovations to accelerate growth. 

Spenda’s CEO, Adrian Floate said:Businesses pay late for many reasons, most commonly because cash flow is hampered as a result of ageing receivables. While regulatory changes and Government incentives are a valid step and may reduce payment times, they don’t resolve the root cause of late payments.

Implementing the right technology can address late and non-payment risk at its root while transforming how businesses manage their finances from credit management to accessing working capital,” he continues.

Trends and opportunities in B2B payments – Some highlights

  • Over half of Australia’s B2B payments are processed late, and it’s a major resource drain: More than 53% of B2B receivables in Australia are paid late. Not only do late payments cause cash flow problems, but chasing up these payments takes valuable time too. 
  • Global digital B2B payments trends: e-invoicing and virtual cards lead the way: Adoption rates of digital B2B payments technologies vary around the world. Currently, developing regions in  Africa and South-East Asia are leading the way with growth driven by the uptake of innovations such as virtual cards and it’s projected that the global virtual card transaction value will reach $6.8 trillion by 2026
  • Mandates and Policies are a catalyst for digital adoption: In Australia for example, the 2022/23 Federal Budget cash flow promise and Payment Times Reporting Scheme are a valid step and may reduce payment times. Similarly, Governments around the world are planning to accelerate e-invoicing adoption for businesses in the coming years. And while this is a valid step and may reduce payment times, it doesn’t resolve the root cause of late payments and inefficiencies across the supply chain — outdated processes and payment infrastructure. 

Infographic – Digital Transformation in B2B Payments

Mr Floate added: “COVID-19 accelerated the use of smart technology in the supply chain, providing a starting point for companies to expand efficient systems to other business areas. Businesses that implement integrated technology solutions can better maximise their ROI while transforming systems and processes across the organisation. And it’s those companies that are proactive now that will gain a competitive edge, while experiencing lower costs and stronger financial management.”

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Spenda’s solution enables businesses to transform with fast, error-free digital efficiency and aims to boost cash flow across the entire supply chain.

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