Five FinTechs on Friday – December 11

It’s our last edition for the year! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the 5 fintechs we cover every week and feel free to reach out to us if you would like to be introduced to any. We look forward to all the new fintechs we will cover in the new year.

This week’s five fintechs includes a buy-now-pay-later, an account or late fees service, a quick and easy small business loans provider, an online payment solution, a platform that integrates rewards, and a fully integrated digital payment provider.

Check them out below!


Five FinTechs on Friday – December 4

This week’s five fintechs includes an online mortgage provider, a payment platform for residential real estate market, an account reconciliation and financial platform, a buy now pay later cash flow management tool and a financial data engine that aggregates financial information.

Check them all out below! Grafa is also including an introductory offer.


Five FinTechs on Friday – November 27

This week’s five fintechs include a global payment products leader, a multi-investment platform, a cryptocurrent exchange, a data platform for ASX stocks and an account management company.
Check them all out below!


Five FinTechs on Friday – November 20

Digital banking technology, blockchain analysis, claims management, international current transfers and millennial credit solutions. This Friday, we focus on five unique fintechs that are at the forefront of innovation.

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Five FinTechs on Friday – November 13

Our most thrilling initiative, Five Fintechs on Fridays, is back after a brief Finnies induced hiatus!

Also, if you missed it, here’s a link to the winners of the Finnies and snapshots from the night.

Check out the fintechs below


Five FinTechs on Friday – September 18

We’re excited to bring to you five fintechs this weeks. A financial products comparison website with a difference, a fintech helping small businesses combat cyber attacks, a provider of digital wealth technology for businesses, a technology partner for finance brokers and dealers and one that invests in, creates and grows payment businesses. Read more below.

As we get closer to the Finnies Awards ceremony, all hands will be on deck to ensure the success of our first virtual ceremony. On that note, we will put this 5 fintechs initiative on hold till November 6, 2020. Please follow us on Linkedin or Twitter for all updates from us and we hope you can all join us for this year’s virtual gala night that we guarantee will be a night to remember. The first hundred registrants will also receive exciting gifts from us. All updates will be shared next Friday instead of the Five Fintechs.


Five FinTechs on Friday – September 11

We’re excited to bring to you this weeks fintechs. Fintechs for consumers that help with accessing better deals from the banks and another that makes online trading simple. Also, fintechs that help businesses digitise their documents, enable payments via bluetooth and provide analytics for better user experience. Read more below.


Five FinTechs on Friday – September 4

A range of fintechs this Friday that bring new innovations and funding to the sector. A home loan platform using smart technologies, an open banking sharing platform, a digital currency exchange, a new startup in mobile wallets and and early stage VC for fintechs. Learn more about each below.


Five FinTechs on Friday – August 28

It’s that time of the week again, when all eyes are on the five fintechs we highlight. This week we have fintechs to help businesses and individuals with better payment terms, insurance options within credit cards and lending selection. Also a fintech helping government be more digitally efficitent and one helping financial institutes reduce regulatory risk. Read more below.


Five FinTechs on Friday – August 21

Another exciting Friday with fintechs that have built innovative solutions including micro-investing into your super, financing your next car purchase, using AI to understand consumer bank statements, delivering CDR expertise, enabling capital raising through crowdfunding through tokenised interests. More below.


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