FinTech Australia launches benchmark policy for industry paid parental leave

FinTech Australia has released an industry policy document offering guidance to fintechs on best practices for parental leave entitlements.

The policy document has been formed in consultation with leading fintechs on their policies, and has been made publicly available to provide a guideline for best practices across the industry.

“This is the first document of its kind to be produced by a peak body in Australia’s startup ecosystem. With the fintech industry growing at a rapid pace, we felt it was crucial to create a benchmark for early-stage companies to plan towards when hiring talent and scaling their business,” FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot Guppy said. 

“We also want to give talent joining the fintech ecosystem certainty that there are standards in place and dispel the idea that earlier stage companies can’t offer secure work and reasonable entitlements to their employees.”

The policy says employers should offer 12 week paid parental leave at full pay, including superannuation. Partners are entitled to two weeks parental leave at full pay. 

In addition, the policy says employers should allow for 12 months unpaid carers leave without breaking employment following birth. Partners are entitled to eight weeks unpaid leave, and up to 12 months in total between partners if they are working with their partner in the same business.

The policy also says employers should provide employees with a $2000 return to work bonus for new parents. Employees that go through an unfortunate birth complication such as a miscarrage and stillbirth are also entitled to paid personal leave.

More details and the policy can be found on FinTech Australia’s website.

Media contact
Harrison Polites

0409 623 618

REA’s PropTrack joins FinTech Australia’s partnership program

REA Group’s data business PropTrack has joined FinTech Australia’s ecosystem partnership program, becoming the 14th major partner the peak body has signed in a year.

The program embeds companies within the fintech ecosystem and assists in the fostering of relationships with the fintech industry’s key players.

PropTrack is a property data and valuations business servicing customers including Australia’s major banks with trusted property data analytics and insights, customised data platforms and an Automated Valuation Model (AVM).

Other companies involved in the program include: Xero, the Sydney Stock Exchange, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mastercard, EY, Facebook, Google, eftpos, IDEMIA, Regional Australia Bank, RSM Australia and the Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

“This is an exciting partnership for FinTech Australia, as we’ve always seen a key link between the property sector and the fintech industry,” FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot Guppy said.

“Property is crucial to wealth and investment in Australia, there’s a substantial number of fintechs operating in the sector. Our partnership program will assist PropTrack in building those key relationships to help create new opportunities.”

Melina Cruickshank, Chief Executive Officer, PropTrack, said: “PropTrack is uniquely placed to provide unparalleled access to property data and insights through the integration of proprietary REA Group demand data and industry-leading software, apps and tools. We’re excited to connect with new fintechs to help build their competitive advantage with trusted market intelligence.”

Media contact
Harrison Polites
0409 623 618

About FinTech Australia

FinTech Australia is a national association for the Australian FinTech Startup community. Our vision is to make Australia the leading market for FinTech Innovation and Investment by working with both sides of Government, Industry and the Australian FinTech community to create a supportive environment and partner ecosystem in Australia and abroad.

Five Fintechs On Friday – September 09, 2021

The Finnie Awards is going virtual again! We are excited to bring everyone together for the evening on October 13, 2021 (5:45 pm – 7:00 pm AEST) to celebrate the many successes in the Australian fintech industry! Register now via the following link for your chance to win a gift box! Register Now

But first, news from the industry…

Major partnership deals in the recent days with Volt Bank partnering with BTC MarketsButn with Ola Ride SharingBano with Nium and Trade Ledger with ScotPac. Capital also raised by Open Insurance and Azupay! And lastly congratulations to Link4 for the Treasury contract and Swyftx for launching in NZ.The industry comes together to talk about debanking and cryptocurrencies among other key challenges in the Senate Select Committee public hearings.

Below are five fintechs we shortlisted for this fortnight


Sandstone Technology is a global FinTech providing comprehensive origination and digital banking solutions for financial institutions across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and the United Kingdom. For the past 25+ years, Sandstone has been creating flexible, robust, end-to-end solutions that simplify onboarding, loan origination, retail banking, and AI & ML powered Intelligent Document Processing. When it comes to future-proofing your business and building the capability to grow in the most efficient and compliant way, you’re in safe hands with Sandstone. We are proud of our exceptionally strong track record in de-risking and delivering complex transformation programs, and our deep domain expertise in dealing with local industry regulations makes us the transformation partner of choice.


SplitOff is a Sydney based company providing a payment method that allows multiple people to pay for one order or bill. It delivers a better customer experience across e-commerce and utility sectors and gives businesses a way to combine the power of multiple people paying together within a single transaction. SplitOff eliminates the hassle of splitting mutual payments completely. As a result, businesses get lower customer acquisition costs and competitive advantages in the saturated markets such as sharing accommodations, food or drinks delivery and online gifts. SplitOff: co-payments are made simple.


Spenda delivers an integrated digital platform that manages transaction flow from quote to pay and on-demand lending. Ultimately, by improving how businesses trade and get paid, Spenda’s solution enables businesses to transform with fast, error-free digital efficiency and aims to boost cash flow across the entire supply chain. Spenda is a core product of Cirralto Limited, an ASX listed company with over 20 years’ experience in delivering B2B payment services, digital trading software and integrated solutions. For more information, please visit


NUAI is an innovative Artificial Intelligence company that provides customised, flexible, and scalable AI solutions to empower startups and businesses. Whether you build AR/VR, self-driving cars, blockchain, mobile apps, and robots, or want to turn your data into a powerful selling machine with chatbots, personalised recommendations like TikTok and Netflix. We also help to protect your business with fraud detection or continuous identity verification. NUAI specialised in business-centric AI algorithms and models in Automated Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and much more. You can break the pattern of manual labor, navigate the unpredictable future with NUAI’s Artificial Intelligence.


LENSELL® is the Global Platform for Corporate Performance Democratisation. Using standardisation, data analytics and AI technologies LENSELL streamlines the communication between investors and corporates. It provides users with a suite of innovative applications that make reporting and accessing corporate performance data and insights (financial and non-financial) a breeze – fast, easy, and very affordable. From digital financial reporting using international business standards to unique investment planning and pollution awareness applications, LENSELL arms investors with innovative tools they can use to make better informed decisions with confidence.

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Sydney Stock Exchange join FinTech Australia’s partnership program

Sydney Stock Exchange (SSX) has joined FinTech Australia’s corporate partnership program, becoming the 13th new major member it has signed on in a year. SSX joins existing partners Xero, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mastercard, EY, Facebook, Google, eftpos, IDEMIA, Regional Australia Bank, RSM Australia and the Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

The partnership program embeds companies within the fintech ecosystem and networks them with its key players.

“We look forward to working with the SSX as it looks to grow its presence in the fintech industry,” FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy said. “With many of our members considering their options for capital and the fintech industry rapidly growing, we believe it’s an ideal time for SSX to help educate members on their options for fundraising.”

“As a growth company with international reach, the Sydney Stock Exchange is a natural partner for Australian fintechs. Our entry requirements are more supportive, and our ongoing administration is far more efficient. With the benefits of being listed, we help fintechs access the capital required to reach their potential.” Michael Go, CEO of Sydney Stock Exchange.

About FinTech Australia

FinTech Australia is a national association for the Australian FinTech Start-up community. Our vision is to make Australia the leading market for FinTech Innovation and Investment by working with both sides of Government, Industry and the Australian FinTech community to create a supportive environment and partner ecosystem in Australia and abroad.

About Sydney Stock Exchange 

SSX aims to support businesses to take the next step in their growth strategy.

SSX is an efficient, cost-effective listing venue which supports growth-oriented companies raise the capital they need to reach their potential. Through connections to global markets, SSX offers qualifying companies the opportunity to access capital internationally.

SSX Contact

02 9217 2739

Media contact

Harrison Polites
0409 623 618

FinTech Australia adds Xero to its partnership program

FinTech Australia’s corporate partnership program has added its 12th major new member within a year, with Xero, the global small business platform, joining the program.

The growing partnership program embeds companies within the fintech ecosystem and networks them with its key players.

Other companies involved in the program include: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mastercard, EY, Facebook, Google, eftpos, IDEMIA, Regional Australia Bank , RSM Australia and the Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

“We welcome Xero to our program, and look forward to working with them to reinforce the company’s strong connections in the Australian fintech industry.” FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy said.

“Having welcomed Xero as a partner is yet another indicator of the strong demand for collaboration with Australia’s booming fintech sector, reinforcing its position as a driver of overall economic growth”

Ian Boyd, Director of Partnerships APAC, Xero, said: “We look forward to working with FinTech Australia to drive greater visibility of the innovation being led by fintechs in Australia, and to coordinate with others on technology related policy. The recent Intersekt conference was a key example of the vibrant industry engagement FinTech Australia is fostering.”

Media contact

Harrison Polites

0409 623 618

About FinTech Australia

FinTech Australia is a national association for the Australian FinTech Startup community. Our vision is to make Australia the leading market for FinTech Innovation and Investment by working with both sides of Government, Industry and the Australian FinTech community to create a supportive environment and partner ecosystem in Australia and abroad.

End of Year CEO Address

Dear Community, 

When I wrote to you from lockdown last year, we were facing a rather uncertain future. The success of some of our most prominent members was masking the pain felt by the majority of the sector. We heard a lot of rhetoric regarding digital transformation, but were uncertain whether this would include our industry, or was simply lip service.

Fast forward 12 months, and while the majority of us are still under lockdown, conditions are looking significantly better. We’re in the box seat to drive Australia’s economic recovery as the country begins to vaccinate itself. Our relationship with Canberra is the best it’s ever been. The sector is making waves both at home and abroad. 

As a result, FinTech Australia has never been stronger. In the past year, we’ve seen a 33 per cent increase in our total pool of members and also a 44 per cent increase in the number of corporate partners supporting us. These include some of the world’s largest technology companies, who have taken keen interest in our fintech industry.

With these extra resources, we’ve been able to dedicate more of our focus into our content and partnership initiatives. We’ve expanded the remit of our blog and content, partnered with AuzBiz to create Australia’s first dedicated fintech TV segment, held over 10 roundtable discussions with industry and expanded our relationship with AusTrade. In addition, we have become Austrade’s lead partner on the FinTech Global Initiative where we have become the first ever industry association to embed a Global Engagement Manager into our team.

This is alongside our ongoing positive engagement with the Federal Government which has seen changes to JobKeeper last year to better include high-growth companies, positive changes to R&D and the introduction of draft legislation that will allow intermediaries to participate in the CDR rollout. This is on top of the countless submissions we have made to the government on behalf of members. They are not falling on deaf ears either. The latest interim report from the Senate Committee on FinTech and Regtech saw over 75% of our suggestions translated into recommendations from the committee. 

All of this has also led to a more meaningful, influential and robust events program. Intersekt — our flagship event — had over 800 attendees this year, smashing all prior records. We have similar hopes for The Finnies,  which we unfortunately have had to postpone until September due to the latest COVID-19 outbreak.

It has been an incredibly busy 12 month. So much has happened — too much to mention here. Which is why we have summarised it in a Year In Review infographic, which is attached. 

There is much to look forward to in the year ahead. Alongside most of our members, I’m particularly excited for The Finnies in a few months time and the EY FinTech Australia Census to measure our industry’s growth. COVID may continue to plague Australia, and lockdown the country. Given our track record over the past year, I am optimistic that we will overcome any future challenges it poses to our sector and continue to reach the new heights as an industry. 

Happy 1st Birthday to the Consumer Data Right!

Written by Rebecca Schot-Guppy, CEO of FinTech Australia

On Thursday, 1 July 2021, the Consumer Data Right (CDR) will celebrate both its first birthday and its next major milestone.  

We’ve made steady progress and we are now picking up pace.  At the time of writing, there are 12 Accredited Data Recipients and 8 Data Holders with many more parties at various stages in the approval process.  

It has been mandated for all non-major ADIs to share CDR data from 1 July 2021 unless exempted and the growing list of bank exemptions granted by the ACCC is currently longer than the list of approvals.  Whilst this is frustrating for the fintech community, it must be acknowledged that the overall success of the CDR regime requires the banks get it right by opening up robust APIs.  It’s a question of time.

The foundation is there and it’s proven.  Real-time consumer data is being shared, for example, Frollo has made c.9.5 million API calls.  As we embrace future directions such as action-initiation and payments, and as other industries like energy and telco join in, there will be a huge amount of growth and opportunity.   

Judging by the attendance and the number of speakers at Fintech Australia’s marquee Intersekt Festival at Melbourne’s Grand Hyatt in May, as well as the many discussions I had during the conference, open banking is very much a hot topic.  

Here are my highlights from the event:

  1. Over 40 guests attended an industry dinner hosted by Intuit at Supernormal vigorously discussing opportunities, challenges and use cases late into the evening
  2. It was standing room only at the round table by Tony Thrassis from Frollo on “Getting Started with Open Banking” where he emphasised the vital importance of knowing your use case, focusing on the journey beyond accreditation to live, and testing that the data you get is operationally valuable 
  3. Rob Hale from Regional Australia Bank and Stuart Low from used the analogy of “A Bank and a Fintech go White Water Rafting” to describe their “dream partnership” to secure the bank’s data holder status
  4. Andy Parton and Mike Booth from EY succinctly summarised where we have come from, what we have achieved, and the road ahead with its opportunities for partnerships and new products (including the “killer use case”)
  5. It was also standing room only at the round table by Paul Franklin, Natalie Plumridge and Louise Dobson from the ACCC who shared that it takes about three months to get accredited (after submitting a complete application) and then around two months to onboard and pass conformance testing
  6. TrueLayer’s Head of Australia Brenton Charnley shared valuable insights from the UK as a predictor for Australia with “Say Hello to Open Banking Payments:  the what, the why and the how” and a prediction that, within the next 5 years, open banking payments will be the default way to move money online due to higher conversion, lower costs and better security, and 
  7. In a fireside chat discussing the critical enablers of the digital economy, the CDR’s author Scott Farrell from King & Wood Mallesons commented that inclusion and connection are deliberately recurring themes in his work, Jill Berry from Adatree endorsed the potential to protect vulnerable customers and Amanda Robinson from Australian Red Cross added equity.

Tony Thrassis from Frollo and Rob Hale from Regional Australia Bank deserve a special mention for leading the heavy lifting and championing a mindset of innovation over compliance. 

Australia’s fintechs are working hard to deliver the benefits of the Consumer Data Right to consumers and businesses, including choice, convenience and, most importantly, confidence.   

There’s more work to come as we figure out joint accounts, tiered accreditation, a sponsor/affiliate model and action initiation and Fintech Australia remains committed to being a leading voice on policy.

RSM Australia joins FinTech Australia as a Goldpartner

RSM Australia (RSM), one of the largest mid-tier accounting firms in Australia, has joined FinTech Australia’s corporate partnership program as a gold partner.

RSM is now the 10th company to join the program in a year. Other members include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Mastercard, EY, Facebook, Google, eftpos, IDEMIA, Regional Australia Bank and the Newcastle Permanent Building Society.

“We welcome RSM to our partnership program, which has gone from strength to strength over the past year, with each new member it becomes an even better offering for both companies and fintechs. FinTech Australia CEO Rebecca Schot-Guppy said.

“All the members of this program attended Intersekt last month and connected directly with thought-leaders and key founders in the ecosystem. This was one of our largest gatherings in the ecosystem to date, with over 700 delegates attending both in-person and virtually.”

“RSM’s services align very closely with the needs of the sector as it continues to raise capital and grow. We look forward to helping the company network and leverage its expertise on the key issues affecting the sector.”

RSM’s entry into the partnership program is an extension of the deep work the firm has been doing with the fintech industry.

“We have been advising clients at every stage of the lifecycle of a fintech start-up around Australia. Our fintech specialists are able to provide strategic and efficient solutions to navigate constantly evolving platforms and technologies as well as regulatory, tax and business issues that are unique to the industry,” RSM’s partner and national technology lead Andrew Sykes said. 

The FinTech Australia partnership program helps embed these companies within the fintech ecosystem and networks them with its key players.

Media contact

Harrison Polites

0409 623 618

About FinTech Australia

FinTech Australia is a national association for the Australian FinTech Startup community. Our vision is to make Australia the leading market for FinTech Innovation and Investment by working with both sides of Government, Industry and the Australian FinTech community to create a supportive environment and partner ecosystem in Australia and abroad.

About RSM Australia: 

RSM Australia is an independent member firm of RSM which is the 6th largest professional services accounting and consulting organisation in the world. With this certification, RSM becomes the first mid-tier accounting firm in Australia to undergo this rigorous information security certification process encompassing all the business and corporate functions in the firm. 

Intersekt 2021: Marketing Guide!

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Learn how to take your business global with Austrade at Intersekt’21

Austrade is the Australian Government’s trade and investment promotion agency. It specialises in connecting Australian businesses to the world and the world to Australian businesses, with over 70 global offices staffed by business development experts. Check out Austrade’s activities at Intersekt’21:

Panel Discussion: Scaling Fintech to International Markets

Taking a global perspective, we will hear from successful Australian exporters about how they scaled into new markets. The discussion will explore various market entry models and you’ll hear first-hand about the issues they faced and the lessons they learned. The discussion will also include insights from an international fintech who has established in Australia, to understand what attracted them to the Australian market, how they entered the market and established themselves, and how they intend to continue to grow.

If you are looking forward to expanding internationally, this session is for you!

Going Global Series – Austrade Roundtables and Webinars

The Australian Fintech Market – Webinar

Panel discussion to draw out key market information and insights critical for UK-based fintech companies considering expanding to Australia. The panel will bring together in-market experts from the Australian fintech ecosystem. Discussion topics include the Consumer Data Right (CDR), fintech industry trends, opportunities and regulations. You will also hear from a UK company that has successfully established in Australia, learn what attracted them to the market and how they have continued to grow their business.

Date: 18 May 2021
Time: 5 PM to 6 PM, AEST
Location: Online via Zoom

Cracking into the Singapore Market – Roundtable

This panel session is for Australian fintech companies interested in the Singapore market. You will learn about relevant regulations, market dynamics and trends and opportunities in the fintech space in Singapore. To provide a comprehensive overview of the market, this session features speakers from an Australian company that has successfully scaled into Singapore, a government regulator, a legal firm, a venture capital investment firm, and the venture investing arm of a major multinational bank.

In-person seats are limited to 30 attendees. Book your place now. 

Date: 19 May 2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Location: In person at Intersekt, (Austrade Meeting Room)

Fintech opportunities in Greater China – Roundtable

A panel session targeting fintech scaleups exploring the Greater China markets. The discussion will highlight information specific to exporting to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, including targeted fintech market information and emerging opportunities. Participants will hear about market trends and capability gaps, regulatory requirements and market entry pathways from in-market experts and an Australian exporter.

In-person seats are limited to 30 attendees. Book your place now. 

Date: 20 May 2021
Time: 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM
Location: In person at Intersekt, (Austrade Meeting Room)

Austrade Office Hours – Trade and Investment Information

Austrade advisers help Australian businesses enter international markets faster, navigate regulations and find customers; they also work with international companies and ease their entry into the Australian market, connect with the ecosystem and regulators. Grab your chance to meet the best advisers in the industry in person at Intersekt’21 to discuss your expansion plans and learn about the support available to your business.

Book your 1:1 chat now.

Date and Time: Between Wednesday 19 May 2021 3:00 PM and Thursday 20 May 2021 5 PM
Location: In person at Intersekt, in the Austrade meeting room

Reach out to chat to a Trade or Investment Advisor to discuss the United Kingdom, ASEAN, Greater China and the United States, and learn about Austrade’s new digital services and upcoming global opportunities at Intersekt’21.

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  2. Tech Industry Collective – Connect and collaborate as a collective

    October 25
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    November 2 @ 7:00 am - November 4 @ 6:00 pm

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