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Fintech Jobs Index - Feb 2020

The information in this report has been collated from advertising platforms including Seek, Indeed, Glass Door, LinkedIn, specialist job boards and social platforms.

The data has been collated, cleansed and cross checked for duplication, categorised and finally analysed. The report is intended to provide a snapshot of jobs advertised and a tool to identify hiring trends.

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Making A Career Move To FinTech

FinTech is one of the most desirable employment sectors. With so many people actively looking, naturally there is increased competition for the best FinTech opportunities out there.

Current opportunities advertised with Tier One People receive 150 – 200 applications on average. How can you give yourself a competitive edge and ensure you are the one securing the dream move to FinTech?

This year marks twenty years in the recruitment game for me. Over that period, I have given career advice to 20,000 plus people. And I have developed a simple system that helps people accelerate the job search and maximise their career options.

The system is like the BUILD, MEASURE, LEARN process made famous by Lean Startup methodology developed by Eric Ries. The distinction here is YOU are the PRODUCT and a potential employer is the CUSTOMER…..

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Fintech Career Advice

Fintech is soooooo hot right now and judging by the amount of enquiries we get at Tier One People, it feels like everyone wants to work in Fintech.

Fintech Isn’t For Everyone. Here Are Five Questions We Recommend Asking Yourself To Find Out If Fintech Is For You.

1. Are You Ready To Join A Fintech Startup?

What is a startup? Everyone has their own definition. At Tier One People we have identified distinct phases of growth in a Fintech startup. It is important to make the distinctions as each phase is in effect a completely different business.

We have created some typical profiles to give context.

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Fintech Hiring Market Update

There is a lot of uncertainty in the market which is concerning for business leaders. A Royal Commission, open banking, a looming Brexit, a general election, Apple moving into financial services, Libra. All of these things are weighing on executives minds.

Of all the discussions we have at C-Suite level, there is a common fear shared by all, from the CEO of a 10 person Fintech disrupting the market, to the CEO of a major bank.

Will the platform we are building today be relevant 12 months from now?

Technology and global markets seem to be moving so fast, most executives are struggling to keep pace. Couple that with the changing regulatory landscape and looking further than 12 months into the future is creating indecision. When decisions are finally made, the market has moved on, the goal posts have changed and so the process starts all over again!

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Fintech Career Advice Networking How To Pick A Founders Brains!

Networking Advice From The Nicest Guy In Fintech – Ben Webster Of Insured By Us.

Our good friend Ben Webster went on a bit of a twitter rant recently. It turns out his thread struck a chord, went viral and contains a step by step guide on how to connect with and get advice from a busy founder (or Headhunter), without p!ssing them off!

While the advice is geared towards asking founders for advice, we think this formula works especially well for anyone seeking career advice. We receive 25 requests per day from people wanting to pick our brains and have coffee! If you really want to stand out from the crowd for the right reasons, here’s how to do it.

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For more insights and articles about the hiring practices of fintech startups, check out the Tier One People Blog.