BPAY APIs enable FinTechs to provide innovative new customer services

FinTechs include Beem It, Super-Rewards, Groupee, Deferit and  HelpPay 

Since launching the BPAY Group Developer Portal in October 2019, BPAY Group has  had over 1500 organisations access its sandbox to test out their apps with BPAY  APIs, and more than 70 companies from diverse industries use them in production.  

The APIs provide a simple, efficient and cost-effective way for providers to connect  with BPAY, and through doing so, expand usage of the popular payment method to  new market segments.  

The introduction of the APIs aligns with BPAY Group’s mission to collaboratively  develop solutions that grow a competitive and robust financial services industry while  meeting the needs of all customers. 

“We are seeing an increasing number of FinTechs identifying and addressing  consumer needs in innovative ways using our APIs, and our APIs are at the centre of  many of the recent innovations coming out of the payments industry,” says Keith  Brown, Chief Customer Officer at BPAY Group. 

“This month for the first time we had over one million API calls, including our first using  the new Payment Submission API. This is a testament to the fact that APIs continue to  meet our customers’ needs. 

“The APIs have allowed the companies to easily connect to BPAY without the costs and time associated with connecting through legacy systems. Since introducing BPAY  APIs they have also reported less mistaken payments and lower overheads due to the  APIs validating payments up front,” added Brown. 

FinTech providers of BPAY Payments 

BPAY Group has been a key supporter and player in the FinTech sector and stepped  up to be a major sponsor of this year’s Intersekt festival. Among the innovative  FinTech companies now providing BPAY Payments to their customers are Beem It,  Super-Rewards, Groupee, Deferit and HelpPay.  

Beem It started life as an app to let friends easily pay each other for shared expenses,  like bills and holiday expenses. But the peer-to-peer payment app has ambitions to  become a full-service digital wallet and introducing BPAY Payments is a key part of  the plan. As a new BPAY member, Beem It’s use of the APIs has significantly reduced  its effort to integrate BPAY, in comparison to batch-based payment processes. 

“Our BPAY integration, while mirroring the existing intuitive, simple nature of Beem It  payments, has also addressed key customer concerns by incorporating the validation  of biller codes and arrival date estimations for funds. This helps to reassure users  about where their money is going and when it will get there,” said Patrick Darcy, Chief  Growth Officer at Beem It.  

Another FinTech to benefit from BPAY APIs is Super-Rewards, an online shopping  platform that rewards consumers with superannuation contributions when they make  purchases. Every month, Super-Rewards deposits their rewards into super accounts  using BPAY APIs. Super funds also like the service, because it increases member  engagement and increases their funds under management. 

“We did our first run using the BPAY APIs in February and that process was 70%  automated,” says Super-Rewards founder Pascale Helyar-Moray. “And we’re getting  better and better every month that we make the payments. And with $100,000 of  Super-Rewards now paid into our users’ super funds, we are reminded every day of  how this could not have been possible without BPAY.” 

As an early stage start up with limited resources, accepting BPAY Payments without  the APIs would really not have been feasible for Groupee, which allows people to pool  funds for shared expenses. Groupee used the APIs to connect in March 2021 and its  total processed payments were up 840% compared to February. 

Meanwhile Deferit, a ‘Bill Pay Later’ budgeting platform, pays bills on behalf of its  customers who then pay that amount back over four instalments. It uses a BPAY API  to improve payment validation, verify certain information on a bill to confirm the right  amount that needs to be paid, and also reduces potential fraud by confirming a bill is  valid and the biller is approved. 

Another example of a company leveraging BPAY APIs is unique social fintech  HelpPay, To be launched in October, HelpPay makes helping easier by guaranteeing  that money paid to help people will only ever go to the provider of a bill. HelpPay’s patent pending app and platform turns every bill into its own socially sharable link and  payment page. By leveraging BPAY’s APIs, HelpPay allows multiple payments and bill  splitting, prevents overpayments, and creates digital trust by guaranteeing money paid  only goes where it should.  

“Asking for help is a really emotional moment for people,” says HelpPay Managing  Director Andrew Ellett. “Our researchi has found that 70% of Australians agree it’s part  of our culture to help, but that 43% of people don’t help with bills because they don’t  trust where their money will go. We’re solving that because our mission is to make  helping easier. BPAY has increased our speed to market and been a true partner on  our journey.” 

i HelpPay conducted two rounds of research in 2020 (200 people surveyed) and 2021  (509 people surveyed) to explore attitudes and feelings towards asking for and  receiving financial help for bills. 

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