Adatree launching Australia’s first non-financial CDR use case

Adatree is excited to announce the launch of COVID Hotspot Alert, an innovative new service using the power of CDR for Good. COVID Hotspot Alert helps keep Australians safe during the pandemic by leveraging a user’s card purchase data and matching with COVID Hotspot locations released by the Government. Alerts are sent directly to a customers phone if they have purchased at a COVID Hotspot location within minutes of new exposure sites being announced.

COVID Hotspot Alert has been built with Adatree proprietary Data Recipient Platform, which is currently active and receiving bank data from data holders couple with Adatree’s new Analytics Engine, machine learning algorithms that run the complex matching process.

Adatree fundamentally believes in applying the Consumer Data Right not only for financial gain, but also for use cases that help our society. We created this product to demonstrate that the CDR is live and working and to show that the CDR can be used for greater social good.

For more information about COVID Hotspot Alert and to join the waitlist for this innovative service, go to

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