A year in review for FinTech Australia 2022

6 years ago, fintech founders and partners came together to form the industry association to advocate and support for what is now the fastest growing industry both locally and globally.

We’re excited to share our journey and achievements from last year and have put together this year’s infographic outlining our milestones.

We will continue to champion the fintech agenda and engage with Government and Industry to support our community, promote innovation and benefit the end consumer. Challenging existing structures and driving policy reform will continue to be a key priority.

We have had some big successes and our growth will help build more services for the industry. With your support we have built the Fintech Jobs Board, Ecosystem Map, Investor Map and Regulatory map to reduce barriers of entry for fintechs. With the support of the new Government, we will keep this momentum to further support the industry and enable growth.

This has not been possible without the support of our members, our corporate partners, our event sponsors, regulators, State and Federal Government, media partners and the general community. Thank you to all who continue to support us and please reach out for any feedback and suggestions.

There’s more to look forward to with international delegations, additional support services, more meetups, roundtables, networking opportunities and discounted services from out partners. Watch this space!

Upcoming Events

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