A practical guide to tiered accreditation

As the Consumer Data Right entered its second year, Treasury published its highly anticipated proposed v3 rules amendments. It includes what has come to be known as tiered accreditation – new models to access CDR data in addition to the existing unrestricted Accredited Data Recipient model.

These rules are meant to drive adoption by creating a thriving ecosystem of CDR participants, delivering valuable use cases to consumers and businesses. They offer lower barriers to entry, limited access models and ways to share liability and responsibilities between participants.

The proposed models include:

  1. Trusted Advisor
  2. Sponsorship model
  3. CDR insights
  4. Representative model
  5. Collecting Outsourced Service Providers (COSP)

With 5 new models to get access to CDR data (plus the existing one), it can be difficult to figure out what’s right for you.

Download the guide here.

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