50 Complimentary Smart Metal Art Cards by IDEMIA

We’re pleased to work with our corporate partner – IDEMIA to provide a member exclusive metal card offer to you.

IDEMIA is globally renowned for Augmented Identity and for their innovation in payment cards. IDEMIA offers a comprehensive range of physical payment solutions alongside complimentary digital services in identity and authentication. With a wealth of experience in working with financial services partners across established companies and fintech start-ups, they are highly regarded for their industry knowledge.

Through its unique metal cards offer, IDEMIA has set a goal to assist Australian Fintechs to elevate their brand, differentiate from the competition and add a distinctive value proposition to address different customer segments. More than just a payment form factor, metal cards make the cardholder feel unique and create an unrivalled payment experience.


To support Fintech Australia members, IDEMIA is offering 50 complimentary Smart Metal Art (SMA) cards as part of a program to showcase and celebrate your launch with key internal or external customers. IDEMIA will work with you to design and launch this specialized metal card initiative.



In addition to the provision of the metal cards, IDEMIA will also provide the following services to offer you an exclusive experience:
  • Stunning Design:
    IDEMIA in-house design services can support in creating the most outstanding metal card for your brand
  • Issuance Management:
    Provide integration for card issuance services as part of IDEMIA’s Fintech accelerator program,
  • World Domination:
    Availability to the IDEMIA Hub, to support a seamless expansion and transition of your business to other markets in region or globally.

If you are interested in learning more about this exclusive Metal Card initiative for Fintech Australia members, please contact James Sibbick:IDEMIA

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