Fintech business lenders move to increase transparency

The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, FinTech Australia and today joined forces to release a report which outlines the steps taken by fintech lenders to increase transparency and disclosure.


Only 2 Days left to apply for this year's China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition

Entries should be new and hi-tech achievements featuring the high innovation level and strong market competitiveness, the remarkable potential economic benefits and social benefits, and the high possibility in forming the emerging industry, as well as innovative projects or creative ideas with the core technology, the full intellectual property rights and the high value added in conformity with relevant industrial and technical policies in Shenzhen.
There are five major industries: Internet and Mobile Internet (Information Technology), Electronics Technology, Biology and Life Technology, Advanced Manufacturing, and Materials and Energy (including the energy conservation and environment protection). Meanwhile, through taking the future key industries strongly supported by Shenzhen Municipality, 3 professional competitions are also arranged for such fields as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Anti-cancer Technology.

Member showcase February 2018

Below are some significant announcements from our members during the month of February 2018:


The fortnight that changed Australian fintech forever

It was always on the cards that the first two weeks of February 2018 were going to be an important time for the Australian fintech industry.

With the Australian Parliament returning from its summer hiatus, and a number of important reports expected to be released, there was a feeling that some fintech-friendly announcements were coming our way.


Australia opens its doors to UK fintech collaboration with mayoral visit

City of London Lord Mayor Charles Bowman with the participants in a Committee for Sydney roundtable held in Sydney on 12 February 2018

Fintech ties between Australia and the United Kingdom were strengthened last week when the London Lord Mayor Charles Bowman travelled down under with a fintech business delegation.

Mr Bowman met with various government and business leaders, regulators, and trade bodies in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. He discussed his plans for the City of London to be a home away home for Australian fintech startups.


Open banking regime will empower customers, enhance competition and drive Australian innovation

FinTech Australia today welcomed news that the Australian Government will legislate to empower customers by requiring banks to allow these customers to access their own data.

An open banking regime is key to giving consumers more choice of financial services providers, a greater understanding of their financial standing and overall more control over their financial future, said FinTech Australia chair Stuart Stoyan.


Call to make crowdfunding legislation a priority

Australias fintech industry today called for the speedy approval and implementation of private company equity crowdfunding legislation to help more Australian small-to-medium sized businesses to access the funds they need to grow.